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603 E Calle Laureles, Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, California. The pinnacle of luxury and beauty, where homes are more than just a place to live, their a work of art.

Truly Great Homes commissioned a video and some photography for this house is tucked away in the hills. It is lavish in every detail of its design: from the cobblestone driveway to the large windows adorning the living room.

This property spent no expense in terms of aesthetics or comfort. Stacked with views, a balcony, and hardwood floors, this home is a haven in the mountains for anyone who fancies it.

Exterior view of a house on the hillside with patio and staircase going up to second floor.
View of a patio area outside with black iron fencing surrounding grilling unit and lounge chair in the background.
View of a patio with table, chairs and a lounge chair in the background overlooking a valley.
Closeup of home with two car garage with wooden doors and stone patio. There are palm trees and trees around the property.
View of a living room area of a house with table and chairs overlooking a balcony.
View of kitchen area of a house with granite countertops overlooking a valley. There is a large stainless steel refrigerator/freezer.
View of living room area of a house overlooking a balcony.
View of a living room area with a large screen TV and wrap around couch. There is also a privacy screen in the background.
View of a living room with bookcases, chairs and wraparound couch. The is also a large screen TV.
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