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Vitruvi Essential Oils

Vitruvi Essential Oils

Together, C&I Studios worked with BB Sheep to create a campaign that includes both photography and video. Both were shot in two locations, in our in-house studio as well as a beautiful outdoor location for a variety of content. We were able to get amazing footage and photographs with a production team of five to six people using both the Canon 5D and the Red Monstro cameras.


We wanted to show off how comfortable and cozy BB Sheep’s products are. We chose to use both adults and children in the campaign, showing off the size diversity of the products BB Sheep sells. It was also important to show off the array of products and many different colors available. We made sure to show that there is something for everyone in BB Sheep’s lineup of products!

Essential Oils - Vitruvi - 3D promo - 3D modeling - 3D animation - 3D product Design - Motion Design - Los Angeles - Montreal - New York

The video we produced with BB Sheep can be used in any marketing campaign. An engaging video of fun music, bright colors, and happy people, it’s a video that will do well on social media, on websites, and in e-mail campaigns. There’s no limit to where this video can go!


We took photographs that mirror the theme and overall look of the video so that any campaign that uses both are seamless. These photos can work as promotional material as well as product photography for their e-commerce store. Creating marketing material that works together like this will enforce brand awareness as well as boost the reach of the marketing campaign.


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