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VIVID Fogless Film

The creator of VIVID Fogless Film hired our team to produce this instructional video, to focus on the benefits and use of her new anti-fog-film for the bathroom mirror. 

Aside from the obvious, a secondary objective for this project was to brand VIVID before the official launch in the Amazon marketplace. For these reasons, we blended elements of an instructional video with that of a company profile so this could be used in immediate marketing efforts while remaining an evergreen piece of media to aid in the consumer experience.


The true value here is that this video equips consumers with more knowledge of the product so they can make more informed decisions, ultimately, leading to an increase in conversions. The reason it is so important to have a video such as this at the time of launch is that in the absence of customer reviews, the VIVID brand needed some form of efficacy to thrive in the e-commerce landscape. And without a website, this proved all the more valuable.


All in all, there were few challenges on set. Filming in front of mirrors is sometimes tricky, especially when working in tight spaces, but this didn’t pose an obstacle to our team. The other challenge was concerned with the content. Not only did the instructional video need to flow seamlessly, but we also had to sell the fact that this product is for bathroom mirrors. Articulating this without saying it required some inventive ideas, and in the end, we found the right solution. Check it out!

Closeup of woman tearing open wipes package
Closeup of woman wiping mirror with a piece of cloth
Closeup of woman holding a piece of plastic film
Closeup of young man shaving looking in a mirror
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