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Live @ C&I

We did this music video for Washa an independent artist out of Fort Lauderdale. With the idea in mind that inspiration lives to evoke emotion from the depths of the heart and bring to light what may be hidden deep below the surface, we decided to take a slightly different approach with this shoot.

As part of our Live @ C&I concert series, we originally planned to set up in front of our white backdrop and film Washa play as we usually would. We thought, however, that this song might benefit from a different approach.

In order to fortify the feeling behind the song, we decided to create a gloomier setting, creating a more mysterious ambiance. We think that people need a little bit of guidance when it comes to the heart, and working with artists like Washa helps us do just that.

Washa Live @ C&I singing in microphone
Client Washa Live @ C&I
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