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Wellness Made Simple

At C&I, we were challenged with how we could shed the light on WellOff elixirs. We had a detailed product photography session with the aim of leaving nothing hidden from the lens. No doubt, people love what they understand, and what better way to introduce your brand than perfect publicity.


We took pictures of all the WellOff combinations available, and also had a video recording session. You should check it out.

Well Off

The WellOff elixir is a reusable organic Keurig pod with healing effects for the body and the psyche. These coffee and tea pods provide the nutrition needed to get through the day while spreading a positive message. Health and well-being come first.


WellOff pods are produced with the highest quality certified organic ingredients. These amped-up drinks promise to provide plenty of health benefits in a delicious and easy-to-consume form.


Just like the creators of WellOff had taken their time to craft such a magnificent drink, we also took our time to display them in all their glory. Our sessions included product photography where we captured all the combinations available. We also highlighted some of the benefits of the products in a well-detailed video.


These elixirs have proven to be an excellent complement to our morning routine throughout the years. Some of the benefits of starting your day with a cup are as follows:

A caffeine-free substitute for coffee
A healthy meal or snack (when prepared with healthy and balanced ingredients)
A delectable option for herbs, vitamins, or supplements.
It aids with inflammation reduction.
A useful complement to your weight-loss quest.
Improves skin health in general and increases vitality and alertness throughout the day

WellOff seeks to improve people’s lives by providing them with a handy and healthy functional beverage tailored to fuel their lifestyle in their unique way. We are excited to teach our community that the energy we use to greet the world comes from the nutrition we consume to nourish our body, mind, and spirit.

“We are dedicated to sourcing the best quality ingredients and packaging them in sustainable, green-conscious pods. We have spent countless hours perfecting our recipes and crafting our elixirs so that they taste refreshing, calming, and delicious.”– WellOff

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Well Off

At C&I, we believe that health is wealth, and as such, we keep energized while creating mind-blowing content.


WellOff elixirs are available in eight different combinations. The most well-known are:


  • Butter Me Up: Keto Coffee
  • Celery me: Juice Cleanse
  • Tumeric me: Immunity Tea
  • Beautify me: White Tea
  • Master Thin Me: Maple Lemon Cayenne Pepper Tea
  • Wake Me Up: Lemon Ginger Tea

A cup of any blend will give you an energy boost while suppressing your appetite and relieving bloat, increasing your mental clarity, and eliminating hunger for hours. It will also reduce inflammation, cleanse your body and boost your immunity as your body naturally detoxes. Courtney, the founder, has spent the last 25 years of her life researching and self-evaluating. She’d always wanted to create a product that would make everyone feel good in their skin. Feeling better leads to a better appearance, and vice versa.

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