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Be on Top of Your Game with our Prompter People Proline Plus Teleprompter

Prompter People Proline Plus Teleprompter

The Proline Plus Teleprompter is commonly used for TV shows and news broadcasts. A teleprompter is essential when conveying a lot of information to a large audience and is recommended when speaking about highly technical information, complicated topical details, or difficult-to-remember details.

A teleprompter may boost your production value and make your videos appear more professional if you’re filming a YouTube video or recording yourself speaking to your camera. Video influencers can also use it to deliver spontaneous messages to their audience. It’s also used during broadcast productions, allowing for a clean set and clear eye contact from the speaker to the camera and audience.

If your next production requires a teleprompter, specifically the People Proline Plus Teleprompter, reach out to us. We offer teleprompter rentals for broadcast television, commercials, and many other productions.


Technical Data Specificiations

The teleprompter has an aluminum extrusion frame that allows the camera to be mounted to the prompter without the use of counterweights. With an optional FreeStanding kit, you may either attach the camera to the prompter or attach the camera to a tripod and attach the prompter to a stand in front of the camera.


Facilitates almost any camera, from MiniDV to DSLR and ENG cameras. It has a dual-screen scrolling engine in Flip-Q Pro software that flips the secondary PC or Mac laptop’s output without reversing the operator’s view. It has an RTF text editor, and it can import RTF and TXT files, as well. As an added bonus, Flip-Q Pro software allows you to customize the appearance of your slideshows with a variety of options, including a color backdrop, different typefaces, different text sizes, and styles, as well as black-and-white. Using a USB dongle, the program may be used on different machines.


Folds easily for safe transport and storage. Thanks to its patented sled design, the camera rail may be readily removed for storage and travel. The PROLINE PLUS teleprompters are pre-assembled and ready to use out of the protective travel case that comes with the product.


To reverse text on non-reversing (Standard) displays, users must go through many stages in software. Prompter People’s teleprompters come with reversing monitors, which is a feature that isn’t included in most other teleprompters. Allows for text or PowerPoint prompts, which saves time and money. A free copy of our Flip-Q software is included with all monitor-based Teleprompter models.


Mounting may be done in a traditional or freestanding manner. The FreeStanding and 15mm rod kit may be used to enable freestanding mode.

Prompter People Proline Plus Teleprompter Key Features

Our ready-to-use PROLINE PLUS teleprompter is a game changer. It allows you to focus on your performance without memorizing your lines, greatly improving your confidence on the screen and your image in the professional world.

In addition, it takes little time to successfully mount and set up the Prompter. There are several ways to do it, and you can also set the teleprompter up on a tripod in two different ways. All of these contribute to the system’s flexibility and modularity, making it adaptable with any camera.

  • Monitors are self-reversing and can display prompting with the Pro Version PC, PowerPoint, and Mac software.
  • They are pre-assembled with standard beamsplitter models from 12″ to 19″.
  • They come with a free optional add-on padded carry case with a wireless controller, Pro PC & Mac software on USB, which you can download for free.
  • It has an exclusive sled design allowing the camera rail to be quickly removed for easy storage and travel.
  • It can either be used on a tripod mount or Freestanding.
Teleprompter on display with two crew members in the background
Teleprompter closeup from the side with two crew members in the background
Teleprompter closeup from the side

Interested in renting the Proline Plus teleprompter?

Buying a teleprompter can be a little unfeasible for those who work independently in video production. Such equipment can be very expensive. C&I Studios understands this. You can contact us for your teleprompter. We have the global reach to rent the Proline Plus teleprompter anywhere you need.

These are the same teleprompters we use. Hence, you can trust its quality and you have nothing to worry about. This service is available for large productions and at pocket-friendly rates.

Hire a Teleprompter Operator!

It is the person that oversees setting up the teleprompter. They will ensure that the glass is at the proper height for you while reading the text, that the text is readable, and that the text scroll speed is comfortable for you, the speaker.

While you are reading, they will attentively listen and scroll along. The operator keeps the text close to the center of the screen to ensure maximum focus. It also allows the reader to read forward a few sentences while speaking.

We will not only rent you the equipment, but we will also assist you in operating it. That way, you can concentrate on the video’s content and the overall production rather than the external factors that may jeopardize it.

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