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join us on set anywhere in the world

Your involvement on set goes a long way in making sure the media we create for your business meets your vision perfectly. For these reasons, we encourage you to join us behind the scenes on the set of your next video or photography production. But we understand that you will not always be available to travel to our studio or join us on location in some far-off place. With our Remote Client Preview service, this is no longer an issue. During your next production, we will connect you and your entire company to the action happening behind the scenes via remote broadcasts that allow you to watch, listen, and direct. Now you can be in two places at once, handling your business operations while creating amazing media content in the process.


Tuning in live to watch your production unfold in real-time has many advantages. Not only will you know exactly what is happening on set every step of the way, but you can circulate your broadcast to your online audience so they can take part in your brand building. This level of connectivity has never been available until now.


Create a dialogue within your company by inviting executives and creatives in every department to contribute and share their feedback in real-time. This is an amazing exercise in team-building and will encourage both leadership and employees to stay involved and furnish brand development. There’s no telling what type of ideas will be shared or the undiscovered gems you may learn of.


Having a direct line of communication with our team no matter where you are allows you and key members of your business to share input and guide the production as you see fit. It doesn’t matter if your VP is in L.A., your Visual Effects Artist is in Germany, or your Marketing Manager is in Japan, they will be able to communicate with our director instantaneously.


How many of my colleagues can tune into the remote live preview?

We broadcast to an unlimited number of screens simultaneously, allowing team members from all over the world to tune in and share their feedback live as if they were on set. We recommend including leadership members, like your VP of Marketing and Business Director, who are involved in critical decision making.


Can I mail in my products for you to video or photograph?

Yes, of course! This is especially valuable in today’s climate as we all adapt our business operations to coronavirus.


Can I purchase a recording of the live stream to use for other marketing reasons?

Certainly! We’ll even edit your live stream to ensure it flows seamlessly from start to finish.

Who will my team be communicating with on set?

You will have a direct line of communication with the acting director on set. He or she will be outfitted with an ear mic so you can keep in contact throughout the entire production.


Can I stream the live preview to my social audience?

Yes, for an added expense we can include broadcasting to your social networks so your entire audience can participate in your brand’s story.


Where do I mail my products when booking this service?

All products should be mailed to our studio headquarters at 541 NW 1st Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL. 33301

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