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Studio Rentals: South Florida's
Best Kept Secret

Creative Control [What A Wonderful Phrase!]

What’s your story? Not your life story… that’s a better topic of conversation over drinks Next Door. We’re talking about the story you’re itching to tell the world!

Whether you’re writing a novel, directing a short film, photographing a lifestyle product, or recording a podcast, you have to create the perfect setting to achieve good results. The wrong setting can be disastrous. A boring setting can render your content lame. A dodgy setting can confuse your audience.

Don’t overthink it!

Your vision — your message — is what should influence your setting. Not the other way around. Studio rentals can bring your vision to life.

Storytelling 101

We are storytellers by nature, and as storytellers, we understand how essential the perfect setting is to the success of a narrative. The setting is the attitude — it is the underlying emotional mechanic. It mediates how viewers interpret your content and ultimately affects the way they respond.

When filming or shooting photography for C&I Studios we build the scenes in the studio. This allows us to adjust the atmosphere to be more upbeat, melancholy, or romantic. It keeps our voice consistent and the emotional value engaging.

Whereas, when creating media for our auxiliary brand, C&I Reach – a nonprofit media provider – we tend to film on-location. This brand extension relies on the emotional stimuli of a place and the energy of the people. It’s something that can’t be replicated in the studio setting.

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On-Location vs. In-Studio

There are pros and cons to shooting on location versus shooting in a studio setting. It all really comes down to the type of story you’re telling and the audience you’re telling it to.


Shooting videography on location is tons of fun. It injects a sense of adventure into filming. You go out hunting for the best possible spot. You quickly set up your equipment then wait for the elements to align for the perfect shot. Ah, perfect bliss.

Shooting on location can leave you vulnerable to the elements, though, which can be exciting and also terrifying — especially if you need to hit a deadline. You never know what will affect the setting when shooting on-location. Ambient noise, passersby, sunshine, power accessibility, etc. can all degrade the integrity of your story.


Shooting in the studio isn’t so unpredictable. This is not to say that it isn’t adventurous. Quite the contrary! There is something magical – freeing almost – about building a scene from scratch to match the vision in your head. Distorting angles, measuring depth, adjusting lighting, injecting your own atmospheric noise… it’s all so intimate.

Actively changing a raw, nothing-space into something intricate and embellished, is one of the greatest joys of storytelling. You are in control of every little piece down to the smallest beam of light.

Shooting in the studio is all about creative control. The possibilities for what you can achieve are only limited to your imagination.
South Florida Studio Rentals Woman with long black hair in a black dress posing for camera in a car

We’re not saying that one is better than the other. But one certainly provides more control than the other.

The reason we’re telling you this is not to deter you from doing one over the other or to compare and contrast the two. Again, it all depends on the type of story you’re telling.

This is an Invitation to our Studio Rentals.

Our studio space is always available for rent. Here are some advantages of shooting in our studio that you should consider when setting up your next video or photography shoot.


There’s nothing worse than someone entering your shot and ruining the perfect moment. When you rent out our studio, you have complete control of who comes and goes. Lock the doors, close the hidden bookshelf passage, turn up the music and get to work.


Our studio has massive metal shudders over the front-facing windows and door. Shut them! Block out the sun and construct your own lighting scheme. Controlling shadows and blending light with color is easier when there aren’t any elements to work around.


No need to pause the dialogue with every passing airplane and car alarm. When you rent our studio space your sound technician will be able to calibrate for maximum clarity.


Seamless transitions between technology and equipment make shooting in our studio a breeze. Adapters and plugins are available so you can set up and shoot anywhere in the studio space.


Keeping your models and production team comfortable is important for the integrity of a shoot. Couches, desks, and a large conference table are available so you can spread out and make yourselves at home.


Create the angles. Change the scene. Create your own backdrop or use an existing one. Our studio blends multiple aesthetics to give directors and photographers options to choose from and white space to transform.

Fill out the Production Rental Form below for information and pricing
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