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Video Production

Dailies 0008

On-Set with C&I Studios (Video Production) -- Our video production team knows how to enjoy a day on the job. It’s justified. We work with cool people, cool products, and in cool settings. So you can guarantee we will enjoy the experience to the fullest once the work is said and done… respectfully, of course.
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Company Culture

Dailies 0007

Our industry can be challenging. It requires constant attention, and that demand can be discouraging. Mistakes have been made. More are sure to follow. But a mistake is not a defeat. It is a learning experience. And that is something we pride ourselves on upholding.
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Full Service Marketing

Dailies 0004

The design of our studio plays a huge role in bringing our team together. Actually, it is probably what encourages such an involved level of collaboration. From brainstorming to execution, we come together project after project.
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Dailies 0003

We are the fortunate few who receive daily instruction on ways to improve society, as well as daily lessons on how to improve ourselves. That is just one of the reasons we visit our clients in their natural habitats. If we don’t know where they are coming from, how can we expect to elevate their brands?
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Dailies 0001

Uniting so many voices and personalities to speak and act without fear is one of our inherent qualities — a quality that we hope to inspire within our community. We come together and use creativity to build ideas out of nothing. There is no secret formula to what we do...
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Dailies 0002

There are no insignificant details anytime. That’s how we work, at least: everything is important. Nothing goes unnoticed. From strategy to execution, we have fun. Even when we peel back the layers to toy with the gears...
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Dailies: Ocala

Each of us has a vision. It begins with a simple thought, creative idea, and before we know it the room is full of energy bouncing around. This is something so amazing to watch be put into action. At C&I Studios, whether we are on set or back in the office, this is an exceptional characteristic about our team.
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Dailies: Urban Athletics NYC

The nature of our work leaves us with hours and hours of material that never gets to see the light of day. In that same vein, it allows us the pleasure of making the likes of Eckhart Tolle proud and allows us the hyperawareness of living in the moment.
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