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Having Fun With Spec Ads

The Original Banana Pepper Sauce

We love food. Especially food smothered in hot sauce.

In fact, we’re the kind of people devoted to sauce. Our mantra: “The sauce makes the meal.”

You can imagine our surprise then when we came across the sauce that literally no one (not even our mothers) have ever even heard of. A rare unicorn of sauces — The Original Banana Pepper Sauce by Hyattsville Sauce Company.

When we discovered this hidden gem our tastebuds sang with the angels. This is not an over-exaggeration. We loved The Original Banana Pepper Sauce so much that we created a spec ad campaign for the brand. And the heavenly creators of our new favorite sauce don’t even know we’re doing it.

That’s where you come in. We want to get this in front of Hyattsville Sauce Company. Their sauce is so tasty — so perfectly spicy — that we felt they deserved a little free exposure for giving our tastebuds a much-needed break from mundane snackage.

We love helping small brands that we care about.

Call it love at first dish but, yes, we officially — deeply — care about The Original Banana Pepper Sauce. We were so completely shocked that this had been missing in our life for so long that we created an ad campaign promptly titled “The Only Thing Missing…”

The power of this spec ad campaign is the negative space. It draws the consumer’s eye. They immediately think, “something is missing.” And they are 100% right! The Original Banana Pepper Sauce is missing. So what are you going to do about it? Go buy the friggin’ sauce!

What’s at stake? Well, boring food, that’s what.

You must be thinking, “Wait, no, not all food. That can’t be…”

Smarten up! Yes, all food! Your hotdogs are boring; your chicken is flavorless; your burger is generic; your salad is too green; your chicken wings too mild; your rice bowls too dry; your sandwich… don’t even get us started on your sandwich.

You’ve been leading a dull diet. The Original Banana Pepper Sauce has been missing for too long!

If you’re having a cookout tomorrow for the 4th of July and you’re missing this glorious condiment then forget it. Just cancel the party. Otherwise, open your world up to the sauce you never knew you needed and overnight this bottle of goodness from Amazon pronto!

On behalf of Hyattsville Sauce Company, you’re welcome.

The Original Banana Pepper Sauce
The Original Banana Pepper Sauce
The Original Banana Pepper Sauce
The Original Banana Pepper Sauce
The Original Banana Pepper Sauce
The Original Banana Pepper Sauce
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