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The Shop @ C&I Grand Opening

Something incredible seems to be taking over the pliable, yet beautifully stubborn minds of Millennials. It’s as if we all woke up one day and realized we had much more to do than settle into our nine-to-fives and pray that someone will actually want to marry us — eventually. But even those souls who have yet to truly discover exactly what it is they want to do with their lives have something in common with those who figured our their paths at an early age.

We have begun to experience something we weren’t quite able to put our fingers on before; an internal pulling which, at times, causes a lack of interest in ordinary activities such as grabbing drinks at the bar with friends or heading to that same warm spot at the beach that practically has a permanent imprint of your behind.

It is an intense craving that cannot be matched: Wanderlust.

A trip to Guatemala changed the perspective of the C&I crew and inspired something inside each member on the trip. Upon returning home, with dried lava from Pacaya Mountain on every surface of every shoe, they knew there was something different about this particular trip. Instead of leaving their experiences in Guatemala, they decided they had to not only share them with whomever they could, but to inspire others to get packing, as well.

Also, now each team member knows the price of his power, it is worth it to not just buy the package and buy levitra online.

See how other cultures live. See that the world is filled with both breathtaking beauty and immense pain, and know that changing your life for the better begins with something as simple as a plane ticket and an open, curious mind. Discover what exists beyond that safe bubble in which you’ve lived your entire life now, because someday, you might not be able to.

After discovering that only 23% of Americans have a passport, while 66% of Europeans have one, C&I felt a strong urge to encourage everyone they could to give into their wanderlust and see the world. Inspired and ready to create, they printed, “Pack Your Bags,” onto a shirt, and that first shirt would be the start to a new project which would develop into The Shop.

We know that T-shirts and accessories can be bought at any boutique around town or via any online store, but The Shop goes far beyond clever words printed onto fabric and reaches past consumers to aid those in need around the world.

To those who say Millennials are consumers, not the creators, we say that you couldn’t be any more wrong. We are the #Uncreative — the rebels who dispel traditional labels in order to generate our own unique ones.

We are the adventurers.

We are ready for more, and we refuse to wait for the “timing to be right” or for anyone to tell us we can.

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