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Uncreative Radio with Amber Tollefson

"The workaround: defeating labels and stereotypes"

Uncreative Radio
Airing Thursday, July 4, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET


Uncreative Radio with Amber Tollefson!

Joshua Miller connects with Amber Tollefson, the Founder and Chief Storyteller of docu+brand C R E A T I V E and the Flamingo House Story, on Episode 108 of Uncreative Radio.

In this episode, Amber Tollefson and Josh Miller discuss the obstacle of social adversity and how it can decide the fate of one’s career.

Race, gender, and sexual orientation are obstacles for some and sources of strength for others. Amber Tollefson understands this very well. As a gay, female entrepreneur, she has had to prove her prowess, intelligence, and competence every step of the way. In Episode 2, she explains how she found strength in the face of social adversity, and where she focused that fortitude to excel beyond social prejudice. Her message is one of perseverance and authenticity, and her position as a leader is that of a combatant to narrowmindedness.

Her message carries weight, asking hard questions that many have never had to face (and never will have to face)… How do you respond to prejudice? Will you ever have to? Does it impact your career? These are the questions Josh and Amber Tollefson will get to the bottom of during Episode 2 of Uncreative Radio.

No matter the hate and bias in the world, on Uncreative Radio we all stand united. Tune-in July 4th at 6 PM ET. 

A Source of Female Empowerment

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