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Uncreative Radio with Elisabetta Fantone

"Opinions are like buttholes... Everyone has one"

Uncreative Radio Episode 8
On-Air Thursday, April 24th, 2020, at 6:00 PM ET


Unbeknownst to the world, you don't have to share every opinion that comes to mind

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Elisabetta Fantone!

Elisabetta Fantone is a singer, songwriter, painter, and actress. No joke. She does it all. We’ve worked with Elisabetta Fantone on some of our most cherished projects, so this is a really special episode for us. Elisabetta starred in two of our original short filmsThe River Cabin and Christmas Eve (available on Amazon).

Elisabetta has spent her entire career in the entertainment industry. She got her start working on odd jobs, like random club tours and reality shows, which opened up doors for her to pursue her truest passion: acting. Her journey to the screen showed her that nearly everyone has an opinion on how you live your life. Even if they don’t know you, people will often hold you to the expectations that they live by. If you violate their belief structures then they hold you in contempt. That is the world we live in, and it is especially harsh to artists or anyone else in the public spotlight.

But what if we told you that you don’t have to tolerate the scrutiny? What if we told you that any publicity is good publicity? 

This is actually an age-old practice. Keeping your name is the spotlight that is. If people are talking about you it means you’re relevant. Even if their feedback is negative (or just completely outrageous) it gives your voice more gumption. Elisabetta knows this and she’s not afraid to be outspoken. She lives her life to her own tune and doesn’t apologize to anyone who’s “insulted” by her lifestyle.

In this episode of Uncreative Radio with Elisabetta Fantone, Elisabetta is sharing a few ways that she deals with public criticism so you, too, can express who you are without fear of invalid repercussions. You have to have thick skin, yes. But you also need to trust in your own lifestyle. The world will try to make you doubt yourself, but you don’t need to. Elisabetta will show you how to embrace your opinions and ward off the negativity that can make you doubt yourself.

Tune in Thursday, April 24th at 6 PM ET for Uncreative Radio with Elisabetta Fantone for a lesson on living your life your way.

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