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Video Production - A Look Behind the Scenes!

What are the goals of video production?

Videos are one of the most artful and creative forms of storytelling. 

A well-imagined and executed video can communicate emotions and teach, transform, inspire, or move a viewer to action. Whether the commercial goal of the video is to build a brand, create awareness, or sell a product, at its highest form, the video must powerfully communicate a story or message that changes the intended audience.

A successful video uses emotion, imagination, and creativity to touch the viewer while balancing art with commercial intent and purpose. While the best and most effective videos create a seamless and compelling story, the process behind the scenes is complicated, time-consuming, often tedious. Video production requires a cadre of creative and technical talent and the best in state-of-the-art gear

Let’s go BTS –  behind the scenes and see at what happens to create that magical few seconds or minutes.

Closeup of video production crew
Group of people running with a video cameraman amongst them

What is the process of video production?

The video production process varies significantly based on goals, budget, and style, but the production is typically broken into three major steps or phases. Pre-production is the critical phase that includes laying the foundation for your video, from concept to budget. Phase two is the actual production of your video, from set-up to filming. In the final stage, pre-production is when raw video footage is transformed into a final product.


The planning of your video starts here. A collaboration of client, creative team, and production team, this is where the client goals are woven into a concept that best tells your story. It is scripted, cast, sited, and the schedules and budgets are set. Planning and organization are fundamental to the success of a video, and this is where that happens.


The team will develop options for the most effective concepts to tell your story, including stylistic direction and mood. At this stage, you’ll see a comprehensive overview of the production and will be in a position to decide which concept best aligns with your goals and your brand. A storyboard will help you visualize what you will see on the screen and compresses everything into a cohesive story and vision.


The screenwriters take over now to fill in with dialogue that tells your story perfectly to your target audience. It must grab your viewer, convey your message, and inspire the desired action, all in a very compressed timeframe. 

Location Scouting

An essential element of pre-production planning is selecting the right location. The right location can be a “make it or break it” decision for video production. The budget is often a factor, and a production company with a state-of-the-art studio is always a plus. If the filming takes place outside of a studio, there are many other considerations like weather, time of day, and permits. 


Who do you want to represent you and tell your story? Remember, they become the face, and visual representation of your company and must connect with your audience. Your agency will have a database of talent and will hold a casting call to bring in a selection of talent.

Scheduling and Shoot Preparation

Shoot preparation has tons of moving parts and will include script reviews, developing the shot list, scheduling talent, coordinating the camera operator and entire production company, getting the equipment to the location, clearing the shooting time at the site, security, permits, and more. Wardrobe, make-up, and all other details will be nailed down in pre-production. 


At this point, the budget will be fully dialed in, and all decisions moving forward will be taken with this top of mind. 


What happens in the video post-production phase?

In post-production, all the elements of the previous stages begin to converge. Every component of your video, each frame, each image, every word is scrutinized. The editing team works together to find the perfect blend of shots, camera angles, lighting, and sound to bring your story to life in a captivating and compelling video.


Good editing requires a creative and critical eye and incredible technical skill. Here is where thousands of frames are culled down to only the strongest. The camera angles and the most effective lighting are selected and woven together to produce a video with maximum impact. Transitions must be smooth and artful, the film should “feel” like it is the just perfect length, and the color contrast from frame to frame must work.

Color correction

Raw footage can often be over-saturated, particularly when it’s shot outdoors. Color correction is done to make sure the footage looks like what the naked eye would see. White and black levels are matched and used as a guideline. Color grading is another step, which is part of the “art” of your video. Color grading may be used to convey a mood or tone for your film.

Audio Editing and Engineering

Editing software improves each year, but a professional audio engineer can make an amazing difference in your film. They will master the voiceover, soundtrack, and any ambient sound to perfection. Audio clarity is paramount, and any errors in sound can damage your video. 

Client Review and Acceptance

Once the video is in draft, the team will want the client to take a look to make sure the client’s vision has been realized. Now is a time for minor revisions and tweaks to get your video to perfection! 

Why is a tight video production process important?

There are hundreds of moving pieces to video production. The coordination of locations, talent, team, and crew and equipment all need to come together in a carefully orchestrated plan. Details matter and a well thought out plan will keep things on track. 

Video production is a complex process that takes time. The best way to create and stick to a timeline is to maintain a tight process. And time is money! Avoiding overruns and extra shoots ensure your project comes in on time and on budget. 

And finally, planning upfront reduces revisions on the backend.

Teamwork brings the vision to life!

Video production requires a multitude of talents and skillsets. Every agency or production company and project is different, but a video project is a collaboration. The success of your project relies upon the skill and talent if every team member.

Our team at C&I is a highly skilled and well-vetted group of marketing and creative professionals, and we offer full video production services including a full production studio. We are experts in digital communication and emotive storytelling. Check out our portfolio or visit our Youtube Channel to see all of the video productions we have executed for corporations, small businesses, artists, politicians, and more.

Give us a call, and let us tell your story.

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