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We Are Who We Are.
Identity Crisis

Are you familiar with the term “imposter syndrome?”

It summarizes feelings of being a fraud, and it most often affects creative people.


Basically, at some point in your career, you’ll be overwhelmed with this idea that you don’t belong; that you’re a fake and at any moment you’ll be found out for who you are (or rather who you aren’t) and be cast out. In like 99% of instances, these feelings are totally unwarranted.

Yet, they’re powerful. So powerful that you might even begin to believe it, which inevitably leads to self-sabotage…

But what happens when you overcome your "imposter syndrome?"

Well, for starters, you’re free — free to think wildly, create what you dream, act on any passion that comes to mind no matter how big or small. You’re free to tell your story without dulling the details and to stretch your creative spirit in all directions.

And, you know what, you’ll begin to understand that everything you create doesn’t need a deeper meaning to be meaningful or that every publication needs to make you money.

Maybe these words are falling on deaf ears?

Maybe…they’re resonating because you’ve endured the cycle and came out better than before.

Either way, it doesn’t really change things, does it?



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