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12 Reasons Why You Need Visuals in Your Email Marketing Campaign

E-mail marketing is being utilized by many businesses, big or small. Most inboxes are filled to the brim with e-mails from businesses that many get lost in the noise. Adding visuals to e-mails can increase e-mail open rates and e-mail click-through rates. The following list will detail 12 reasons why e-mails with visuals are more effective than e-mails without.

  1. E-mails with visuals are more interesting

E-mails containing visual media tend to be more interesting than e-mails without. Have you ever clicked on a marketing e-mail and then clicked out of it almost immediately because it wasn’t visually engaging? And then clicked on another and spent time looking through it because there were bright, colorful graphics that drew your attention? Have you even noticed yourself doing this? That’s because we’re drawn to visually interesting things rather than just blocks of text.

E-mail designers include visuals in e-mails because e-mails with visuals are more engaging to your subscribers. E-mail recipients are more likely to interact with e-mails that have visual content, especially if that visual content sparks certain emotional responses, such as using bright and fun colors to invoke a sense of joy.

  1. Visuals grab e-mail recipients’ attention

Since media is more visually interesting, it’s going to grab your attention easier than other e-mails. E-mail recipients tend to open and keep reading e-mails with visually interesting graphics because e-mails with images stand out more than e-mails without, and e-mail designers know this all too well.

E-mail receivers that have been getting e-mails from you for a while are likely to delete e-mails without visuals in them, even unsubscribe from your e-mail list if your e-mails are piling up in their inboxes. If you want to get e-mail receivers to actually pay attention to your e-mails rather than just clicking “delete” or “unsubscribe”, go ahead and include visual media in your e-mails, even if it’s something small.

  1. Visuals better engage e-mail recipients

Since marketing e-mails with visual media are more likely to keep the reader’s attention and subscription, they’re more likely to engage with the e-mail itself.

Engagements include forwarding the e-mail to people they think will be interested in it, clicking through to see more details of a product or service that the e-mail features, and clicking through to make an actual purchase. Some marketing e-mails also feature free items to download, like a pattern for craft hobbies or a pamphlet of information if the subscribers so chooses to read it.


  1. Visuals make e-mails more shareable

E-mail campaigns including visual media tend to be much more shareable than e-mails without visual content.

Your subscribers will find that the e-mail you’ve sent them is interesting and has information on sales, new products, and anything else you want to relay to the public and forward to their friends and family to make use of the information, too.

Visual media e-mails are more likely to be forwarded around the internet by e-mail recipients that find them visually appealing and a good use of their time. E-mail campaigns including visual content also have click-through rates much higher than e-mails without.

  1. E-mails with visuals get higher e-mail click-through rates

Visual e-mails are much more likely to be clicked than e-mails without visual media. If something isn’t grabbing someone’s attention, they won’t engage with it at all. Let alone click through to learn more about what’s featured in the email and make a picture.

E-mail designers include visuals in e-mails to encourage their e-mail recipients to interact and click through the e-mails to find out more information. E-mail click-through rates can be increased with e-mails that have visual media included. These visuals can be pictures of the products being featured, videos of models showing off the products, and more!

  1. E-mails including visuals are less intimidating

An e-mail with visual media are much less intimidating to read through to the end than an e-mail with only blocks of text.

When e-mail recipients are browsing their inboxes, e-mails with just blocks of text are less likely to be opened than e-mails with visual media. If e-mail receivers have a lot of e-mails piled up in their inbox that they need to get through, chances are they won’t click through e-mails that require a lot of attention or reading.

Visual e-mails can reduce intimidation because e-mail recipients can get a quick idea of what the e-mail contains without having to spend time figuring out what the e-mail is about. E-mail marketers have started including visuals in e-mails to make e-mails seem less intimidating to their recipients and increase the chances that their subscribers will interact with their e-mail marketing campaigns.



  1. We process visual information 60,000 times faster than text

People take in visual information much faster than they do with written or typed text. E-mail marketing campaigns that contain written information are much less likely to be read when compared with e-mails that have visual content for people to process.

By adding in visuals to your e-mail marketing campaign, you’re making it easier for your subscribers to digest the information you’re giving them. E-mail marketers are including visual media in e-mails to make their e-mails more visually appealing and easier to click through.

It’s also important to remember that not every person who might be reading your marketing e-mails processes language as easily as the next person. Many people may not be able to read the same language that you’re writing your e-mails in. Making sure to add in visual media will allow readers who may have difficulty taking in text information alone to have better access to your products.

  1. We retain information better when we read it in a visual format

Not only do we process the information quicker by using visuals, but we retain that information more successfully than just text alone. Memories usually come back to us in images rather than seeing text, even if we were able to take in the information via text.

Research has shown that people remember and comprehend visual information better than text. E-mail marketers have started including visuals in e-mails to increase e-mail comprehension.

As we’ve stated many times throughout this blog post: Marketing e-mails that contain visual content are much more likely to be read than e-mails that do not include visual media. Therefore, that information is actually being taken in as opposed to an e-mail with only text that your reader is going to close. If there isn’t the opportunity to take in the information, then they’re not going to retain it whatsoever.

  1. E-mails with visuals break down information into bite-sized pieces

Some marketing e-mails contain a lot of information. Sometimes too much information, to be honest. They might inform of a sale going on, new products that they’ve received, and other information that can just be too much to take in all at once.

Translating them into graphics can do wonders for an e-mail marketing campaign. Turning an announcement of new products into a button with a picture preview of the products that your subscribers can simply click on to take them to your website where they are located. Not only will it look cleaner than a big block of text explaining the new products, but it will get your campaign more click-throughs!

It can also be easier to know what’s on sale with a simple graphic showing how much the discount will be and what products are on sale.

It’s just easier to digest the information as visual media than text alone.

  1. E-mails with visuals better explain an idea or a product

In respect to the previous point, it’s important to understand that sometimes people just take in visual information easier than text. If e-mail marketers want to describe their product or a message they’re trying to get across, adding visual media can do wonders.

Visuals can better explain the idea of a product and show what it looks like in real life. There’s no wondering what exactly your e-mail is describing anymore with visuals included.

  1. Visuals help e-mails stand out from other marketing e-mail campaigns

In e-mail marketing, every e-mail is going to contain a similar format. This is something that you can’t really do anything about other than including visuals in your e-mails.

Let’s face it: e-mails look a certain way and e-mail marketing campaigns are e-mails that you’re sending out at an interval to your list. This is why it’s important for e-mails to stand out from the rest.

Visuals are one of the best ways e-mail marketers can get e-mails to stand out from the crowd. No two e-mails are going to contain the exact same visual media. Every business will have different products they sell, present them in different ways, and use different types of media. Some prefer photos, some GIFs, and small videos to grab attention further.

Remember that e-mail marketing without visuals looks pretty similar, but e-mails with visual media can look more unique! It can be a way for e-mail marketers to create e-mails that stand out and catch people’s attention.

  1. Visual media can help e-mails look cleaner

We’ve already covered this point pretty well in the other points, but there are still some other benefits that visual media brings e-mails. One of these other benefits is that e-mails with visual media can look more attractive.

This is because e-mails with visual media contain less text, thus your e-mails will look neater and cleaner than e-mails without visuals. E-mail marketers can make their e-mail marketing campaigns look much more professional by including visual media.


If you’re in need of visual media to include in your e-mail marketing, you should get a hold of us at C&I Studios. We have the means to create amazing product photography and videos that really show off your products and services in appealing ways. We provide many different services to fit your company’s needs.

We can’t wait to help jazz up your marketing e-mails and help you to retain followers and obtain more click-through rates and purchases.

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