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5 Great Florida Web Design Trends in 2020: Catch the Wave

Social media is at the front of the race when it comes to pulling in new clients, building long-lasting businesses, and reaching people worldwide.

Whatever your gig is, an aesthetically appealing website will bring attraction running towards you and your brand. That’s why you need to be up to date on the newest web design trends.

With that being said, our team here at C & I Studios wants to help you catch the wave by showcasing 5 of Florida’s top web design trends this year. From picture-perfect to using color patterns to psychologically pull in consumers, we’ll help you make it happen.

So, how can we help you make your brand reach your marketing dreams? Read below for our take on these 2020 web design trends and how we’ve already provided amazing services for some of our clients.


You’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if that picture could catch the attention of ten thousand viewers online? How about 10 million viewers? With custom photography, you’re adding hints of your custom ‘flavor’ to your site, and that gives it a sense of personality. Are you ready to go viral? How about reaching that breakthrough to all of your goals?

Custom photography is one of the best web design trends right now. It will open the door for those friendly, trustworthy, and inviting kind of feelings with anyone that views your website. This is perfect for highlighting specific aspects of your business, perfect for launching a brand, and really shows off the tone of your business.

Say you’re selling swimsuits, by utilizing custom swimsuit photography you’re optimizing the quality of the pictures. This helps with showcasing your products and captures the details that make it stand out. Plus, it provides you with plenty of options to use that really show the angles of your products as well as gives you the material you can use as marketing material on social media.

Our custom videography can assist in highlighting products through professional filming, lighting, editing and more.  Do you need a cast & crew with makeup and hair? We can make that happen. If you need a model to help make your brand’s fashion pop, we can put that together, too! Every aspect showing off your brand in a movie-like scenario, we’ll customize it and make it help you stand out. We’ll help you share your voice and your ideas!


For years, colors and how we react to them have been studied to comprehend how each color impacts us. Which is why color usage is one the most effective web design trends Blue has made waves with social media platforms and major websites, taking over move major designs. It’s shown to be calming, more preferred by men, and known to pull people in and keep them awake and on a website for hours on end.

However, in 2020 Orange is the new blue. Psychologically, it’s been proven that the color orange makes people feel a variety of emotions. Most often it’s used to reflect excitement and show warmth. Many people reflect on it as a color that entices balance and makes them feel rejuvenated. So no wonder its one of the best web design trends right now! Businesses have been using it as a marketing tactic to represent how friendly and inviting they are, drawing in consumers based off of that positive energy that comes with the color.

Using orange in-text lettering and your call to action buttons is a great way to grab attention for those important must-see links. It helps highlight products and services, encouraging people to purchase your service or product.


Vibrant colors, summer scenes, and sunlit images scroll across the screen – people will be captivated by your set up! Palm trees are one of the most photographed backgrounds worldwide. They’re often used to evoke a peaceful yet happy emotion, showing off a bright atmosphere and offering a clean yet gorgeous setting. So of course, they are one of the best web design trends to utilize.

Whether you’re in the business of hosting the next big event or you want to attract people to stay at your hotel, show off those Florida palm trees to drive a little excitement. We recently used them to showcase the gorgeous architecture of the Glavovic Studio in Fort Lauderdale. They offered an artistic outline to really boost the architecture of Glavovic’s layout.


In terms of web design trends, drones are becoming increasingly prominent. They have been on the rise for popularity in the last few years, and through constant advances in their development, they’ve become an incredible tool for photographers to use. Imagine hosting that all too craved event of the year and capturing the large crowds from the sky. Maybe you’d like to record the sunrise or sunset as it ascends and descends in time with your skyrise apartment building. The opportunities are limitless.

We’ve captured some of the most astonishing views with drones, like the Dalmar Hotel, and the outcome has been mindblowing. Not only does it capture the city life below, the hustle and bustle on the ground, but it also produces this quality scene that highlights your business in all the right angles as it stands tall and proud. Talk about leaving an imprint on your consumers.

Drone Footage of city Web Design Trends for Florida Websites


Last on our list of web design trends, but just as important as the others, is sharing the intoxicating design of the beach life. We recently filmed a surplus of material for Montce Swim’s website and brand to provide them with the highest opportunity to showcase their swimwear. The reason highlighting ideas like this are so popular is because of how exciting it is to hear about the summer. Web design trends revolving around the beach bring goods vibes, high moods, and the happiness of warm weather with adventure.

By using our custom photography services, Montce’s received a unique advantage for its marketing team. We used multiple locations to shoot some incredible footage and even had enough leftover footage to create six additional edits they could use for social media. From the beach to showing off the city, we captured as many aspects of how beautiful the beach life is. We even hit up an artist’s walkway of graffiti and beautiful colors to add in some extra attraction.

Think your dream is too big? Dream bigger! Use these Florida web design trends to create content that is out of this world!

Businesses focusing on the summer seasons, the excitement of vacation, or anything related to the beach and all it offers should definitely direct their web design to showcase just that. It’s authentic, adventurous, and it motivates people to prepare for the next trip.


So now that you know the hottest Florida web design trends of 2020, what’s your next step? If designing your own website sounds challenging or you’re not sure where to start, reach out to us at C&I Studios. We’re an idea agency that focuses on content creation to bring you top of the line web design, branding, film and photography content for marketing and a surplus of other services. We will help you incorporate the hottest web design trends into your content.

Our team specializes in doing the impossible, making your brand stand out above the others and capturing what makes you unique. No matter how big or small your brand is, we want to work with you to create something magical. Don’t hesitate to dream big with us, because we will help make your biggest goals a reality.

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