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How to Leverage TikTok for Small Businesses

TikTok is a new kind of social networking platform. Unlike Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or newer platforms like Clubhouse, the video-sharing app is more about presenting oneself or one’s brand realistically and capturing in-the-moment creativity than it is about personal brand growth, networking, or messaging.

Though TikTok as a social media platform is still in its early stages, it is quickly becoming a valuable resource for many businesses, especially small businesses. TikTok announced a base of 680 million monthly active users in November 2018, and the figure is now expected to be above 1.1 billion.

TikTok is the platform to use if you want to think out of the box and attract new & younger audiences. However, it might be difficult for brands to make a short video ad that does not appear to be a traditional, lavishly produced commercial.

It is important to learn how to reach your target demographic on the site, the most effective methods for capturing customers’ attention and gaining their confidence while leveraging the platform’s uniqueness to boost your brand.

Is It Worth the Effort?

There are five reasons why this platform is so different from others:

  1. Firstly, it is incredibly mobile and pretty easy to use.
  2. Rather than a planned experience, the emphasis is on authenticity, randomness, and inventiveness. It focuses on engaging material provided for its audience rather than a curated brand.
  3. TikTok, as a video-sharing app, is currently used by more Gen-Zers in the United States than Instagram.
  4. Compared to other social networks, 60 percent of TikTok users reported experiencing a feeling of community while using the app and are more inclined to find branded content on TikTok authentic and credible.
  5. Startups are using TikTok to promote their products. Using everything from memes and product demos to behind-the-scenes material and turning likes into shares, comments, and sales.

While most videos focus on skits, parodies, and reinterpreting popular dances and songs, many brands utilize TikTok to increase brand awareness and interact with their target audience in a more lighthearted and engaging way.

Brands have swiftly understood the importance of targeting TikTok’s varied and rapidly expanding audience. Small businesses can still attract a relevant audience by remixing content from their various platforms to reintroduce themselves to new audiences.

Creative Content is King—aim to entertain before attempting to sell

TikTok’s algorithms place a premium on the quality of a user’s content over their number of followers. Content, like everything else on social media, is your most valuable weapon. Finding fresh and inventive ways to maintain a dialogue with your followers is the key to creating engaging social media content. One method to do this is to make fantastic videos for your TikTok channel. Another option is to enlist the help of others, such as influencers and fans.

One crucial aspect of excellent social media marketing is correctly employing quality content to reach your preferred audience. The quality of material you provide, rather than brand recognition, high-end production, or star power, will determine your success in driving business growth through TikTok. As a result, being genuine, even if imperfect, is highly valued on the TikTok platform.

Offer Helpful Advice

Short-form video has existed in the form of video press releases or news segments for years, with little attention devoted to it. Rather than striving to appear intelligent, offer genuine and honest advice that will assist another person in growing professionally, personally, socially, or emotionally. An audience that is willing to listen will be captivated by raw, unvarnished advice.

Jump On Trends

The means through which TikTok content is made is part of its allure. It’s supposed to be enjoyable, not perfect. Brands must realize that a flawlessly created ad will almost certainly stick out on TikTok and not in a positive way. Brands must generate content that is authentic in format and adheres to the same trends as other consumers. Rather than disrupting the conversation, this will get you into one.

Reflect Your Audience Interests

Regardless of the medium, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. “Why is my audience on TikTok?” you might wonder. What do they want to find on the app? Create information that reflects their preferences. If they’ve come to be entertained, give them something to gawk at and reel them in. Offer instructive suggestions or tactics on using your product or service if they are there to learn. Making it 80 percent information and 20 percent advertisement is a solid rule of thumb.

Involve Your Team in the Creative Process

Keep to TikTok’s in-app features and remind your staff that they can only film with their phones. Ask your team members to find content for a TikTok Duet or trendy topic, like challenges or dance routines, that they’d do their unique versions of. Merely providing your team with costumes to wear would be enough to promote your business without being overzealous.

Effective Tools to Leverage TikTok for Small Business Growth

ACO (Automated Creative Optimization): ACO is maybe TikTok’s most powerful technology. It increases your creative assets by taking content that has already been posted to the platform and allowing you to choose your call-to-action. You’ll be able to build a wide range of advertising content this way.

Smart Video: TikTok’s AI technology powers the Smart Video function. You can use this tool to change the version or format of your video by simply combining different types of filters, music, effects, and layout.

Templates for Videos: All you have to do now is choose your preferred video template. Then, along with your creative materials, text, and company logo, upload them. After that, the system converts your assets into a video with transitions, effects, and background music. Most times, no prior experience with video editing is required.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is a popular and constantly growing video-sharing app for small companies to leverage to scale up their business. TikTok is a helpful platform to expand their reach and advertise their services and is an excellent tool for running a successful marketing and promotion campaign.

Now would be a good time to come onboard and locate some exciting trends or challenges to participate in, but never forget that creative content is essential. In this article, we’ve covered the most important and effective tips and tools. So jump right in and watch your audience and brand grow by leaps and bounds. If you don’t know where to start contact C&I Studios. We’ll strategize, develop, and manage your TikTok to ensure your videos reach those who both want and need to hear them.

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