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Top video trends to pay attention to in 2022

As video marketing grows in popularity, the importance of knowing video trends is absolutely crucial to the success of your video marketing efforts. You should make sure you know the latest trends in your industry as well as in video marketing as a whole.

Just like video marketing itself is evolving, it’s important to keep an eye on new video trends that are continuously emerging to help you prepare your video content.

The following video trends will continue into 2022 and beyond, so pay attention and take notes. Add these ideas to your video marketing plan for continued video success!

Video content comes in all shapes and sizes (but they’re not all video ads)

From Facebook Live videos to YouTube video tutorials, the video content that’s taking over social media isn’t just ad video content. In fact, video content is video blogging, video tutorials, video news reports, video interviews, and branded video content.

Think about all of the different kinds of videos out there. Think about what is relevant to your industry, what will get your audience to engage with you the most. If you’re in need of ideas on what the best type of video to market your business in your industry, take a look at our previous post here.

Live video content continues to grow in popularity

Let’s talk about one of the most nerve-wracking types of video content to put out there. Rip the bandaid off, if you will.

Live video is video content that’s broadcast live through video streaming services like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. This video format is especially popular in sports where you can get in-the-moment reactions from players and team managers.

A lot of eCommerce stores like to host live sales, too. This started to gain traction with Multi-Level marketing companies, but many other eCommerce stores have found a lot of success with this tactic. It’s fun because you can get your customers to purchase the merchandise right away, maybe even start a bidding war over sought-after items!

Live videos work great for unboxing videos. If your store just received a shipment of long-awaited merchandise, you might consider starting a live video to show your customers the goods! This is especially popular with indie bookstores, quilt shops, and other hobby-type businesses.

Live videos engage your viewers instantly. You can ask them questions, let them ask you questions, and get instant opinions from the audience. On platforms like Facebook, your live video will stay up even after the live event has ended, so people who couldn’t tune in during the live event can still go back and watch it over and over again!

Storytelling video content wins video marketing campaigns

Stories are becoming the focal point of video content, and video storytelling is leading the charge. Customers want to connect with the business they’re giving their money to on a personal level, and that’s best done through sharing stories.

Video stories convey information that’s engaging to viewers because it puts them in the scenario with the people onscreen. It allows them to connect with the company as a whole as well as its employees and the products and services.

What kind of stories work the best to make a video campaign successful?

Start with the story of the company. How did it come to be? How did you get the business off the ground? What is your favorite product that you sell or make? Your customers love hearing how your company came to exist.

From there you can tell any story you want to, as long as it’s relevant to your business. You can have your customers tell their own stories of their experiences with your company and/or products, too! Testimonial videos are great for business. They offer both a review and a personal recommendation, both of which bring in a good amount of business.

‘Virtual reality’ video becomes a video storytelling trend

If live video is the future of video marketing, virtual reality video will be the future of video storytelling. These next-level videos put you in a 360-degree scene right from your mobile or desktop device. This video format works well for all kinds of video content, from video ads to video blog posts. Here’s an example of a video tutorial with the video shot in virtual reality video format.

You can create some really cool content with virtual reality! You’ll be able to really immerse your viewers and customers into the world you create.

Sure, the technology to create virtual reality type content can be expensive, but if you’re in the position to invest in it, or even pay a company to help you create this new content. It’s certainly worth looking into if it’s relevant to your industry!

Video ad spending continues to rise

While there are many inexpensive, even free, avenues to get your video marketing campaign out there into the world, paying to promote your videos or pay to have them advertised in other places. Television commercials and ads before YouTube videos are still important and bring in a lot of business to companies that pay for such advertising.

It’s worth the investment to pay for promoted advertising! You’ll be able to reach a wider audience without much effort, boosting your sales in both the short term and long run, so long as you keep up on these advertisements.

Video marketing might be rooted in social media marketing for now, but video advertising is still around and growing stronger every year. Think about the Superbowl and how important it is to have a fantastic commercial ready to go for during the program- that isn’t going away any time soon!

Brands are continuing their video content dominance on social media

You’ve probably heard this way too many times, but it bears repeating. You want your videos on social media as much as possible! Seriously, if you’re not using social media to your best advantage, what are you doing?!! Every popular social media platform has made room for video content to exist. You’ll find videos on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram feeds and that’s just the beginning of it. Video content is growing video engagement rates and video content will continue to be video marketing’s most powerful tool.

Businesses are leading video content creation with video blogging, video tutorials, and branded video content for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Periscope, YouTube, Twitch, and more. In fact, video tutorials are responsible for a large portion of YouTube video traffic.

Social media is where you will find a large portion of new customers, especially if your current customer base is able to engage with your videos. Once they engage, the video is put in front of their friends and followers, growing your viewership easily!

YouTube video trends

As video content continues to grow, video algorithms are getting stricter and stricter. This means that video engagement is more important than video views- you want your video not only seen but also engaging to the viewer. You can encourage viewers to watch a video further or subscribe by using a call-to-action within the first few seconds of video play.

YouTube will also continue to feature video content creators who work with the video platform directly, as opposed to those who use video content as part of a larger marketing plan (like video blogs). This means that video producers will start to create better quality video content more often, making video trends for 2022 incredibly exciting!

Since video engagement is so important on YouTube, it’s not uncommon for video bloggers and other video content creators to produce multiple video projects per week. This quantity over quality trend should continue into 2022!

Video content continues to dominate mobile video viewership

Let’s take a look at how people interact with social media. They’re usually viewing on their smartphones. People are more likely to own a smartphone than a computer these days since you can do almost anything on a phone that you can do on a computer.

Mobile video viewing is dominated by video news reports from channels like BBC News, video-based social media posts from the likes of BuzzFeed, and video clips from online video culture shows like The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. As video content grows in popularity, video will be the dominant force of mobile video viewership.

You should be making sure that your videos are easily viewed on mobile devices before you post them since that’s how most people will be viewing them. You don’t want them to have to squint at the screen to see something important, you don’t want to be screaming profanities throughout the video in case your video is viewed in public, either.

TikTok isn’t going away any time soon!

If you really want your video marketing efforts to be successful and stand out, you want to make sure you’re using TikTok to your advantage. This app isn’t going away, it’s only growing in popularity and it’s incredibly versatile for any industry.

TikTok has a large generational following, mostly full of Generation Z. But, that isn’t to say that other age demographics aren’t present on the app! There is certainly a large group of Millenials and Gen X present and creating their own content.

If you’re not on TikTok with your video marketing strategy, you’re missing out on a huge audience and the ability to see the latest content trends. TikTok is great for engagement and live videos, making it perfect for video content of all kinds.

If you need help getting started on TikTok, we reccommend checking out this previous blog post where we give you a few tips and tricks to utilizing this awesome app.


Creating engaging and informative video content is important to your marketing strategy as a whole. It’s video marketing, it’s video content creation, and it is video engagement. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, video is the way to go.

If your company isn’t making the best video content it can, with video marketing, video content creation, and video engagement in mind, you need to get on the ball. If your company is already video-ing all over the place, we’d love to hear what video content trends you’re paying attention to and which ones you think will be popular video marketing trends for 2022!

Are you ready to make some video content for your marketing strategy? Call on C&I Studios! We have services to fit most any budget and needs, from equipment rental to complete video production. It’s what we do, and we do it best!

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