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Why Photography Matters For Your Brand

Why Photography Matters For Your Brand

Did you know that articles featuring images receive 94% more views than those without?

Such statistics show how crucial it is for businesses to incorporate photography into their website and marketing strategy in today’s media-saturated world.

Professional photography is often crossed off as an item on the budget list that’s expensive and expendable. But, without it, you’re likely losing out on profit.

Taking photographs or using stock imagery can help the situation. Yet it’s in no way comparable to using professional, clear, and inviting imagery to depict your brand.

Need further convincing? Here’s why photography matters for your business.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

We’ve all heard the saying before, and yes, it’s cheesy but there’s truth behind the motto.

Professional photos convey a message to your customers quicker than any text can. While written content is important, it takes a lot longer for people to read a caption or an article than to look at a photo. Browsers can process images in milliseconds in comparison to scrolling and reading text for a couple of minutes.

This is especially important in a world where people are scrolling from page to page without concentrating and reading the full text from the screen.

By using professional imagery, customers can see exactly what your business has to offer, rather than what they’re being told about a product. As we can all agree, it’s a lot better to see something for yourself before buying, rather than relying on words. That means whatever your business is, the use of photos and videos of your offerings are valuable.

Build Your Brand

As mentioned, many companies find it tempting to take business photography themselves, choose stock imagery, or take a cheap hire. If the thought crosses your mind, remember that the images you use on your website and in your marketing strategy represent your brand.

Does your website feature low quality, unprofessional, or blurry imagery? If so, this will communicate a negative message about your brand and the products you offer to potential customers.

Think about it – if you were planning to buy a product and a brand only offered poor quality imagery, what would you think? Let’s be honest, most of us would click off the website and head to a competitor featuring more trustworthy imagery.

While high-quality imagery provides fantastic value for your brand, poor quality imagery can create the opposite effect and it will be more difficult to earn loyalty and trust. While it may sound superficial, when browsing customers only have online and print content to go on, it’s the reality of the game.

Another way the use of professional photography helps build your brand is that as a business you’re given complete freedom to create images that align with your brand ethos and convey the message you wish to convey.

How do you want your customers to feel when they view your images? For example, if you’re a company selling baby toys and clothes you might use photography that incorporates lots of light, bright, pastel colors. This helps convey happiness and tranquillity.

Shooting for a nightclub? Use darker, moodier, and contrasting light to create atmosphere.

Your company imagery is important when it comes to making a first impression on clients so don’t skimp on them!

Improve SEO

If you run a website for your brand, the chances are you’re aware of SEO practices to help your website perform better in search engine ranking results.

While there are many elements to SEO, one of them involves imagery. High-quality, optimized imagery can help your website in image results such in Google Images. It also helps your website perform better in the search results.

What do you think a potential customer will do if they spot a quality image in the search engine results? Of course, they’re more likely to click on it rather than a competitors’ which is of worse quality.

Professional Images Are Versatile

What many don’t realize is that professional imagery is versatile and works for a variety of different mediums.

While professional photos are crucial for a successful business website, they can work to build your brand across social media too. Use them on different outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more.

Powerful, strong imagery is especially beneficial for a brand’s Instagram account. For customers seeking imagery from a business, it’s one of the first places they’ll head.

Professional imagery isn’t just useful to convey your brand across the world-wide-web either. Use images offline too and incorporate them in brochures and promotional materials of all kinds.

Beautiful photography that is consistent across all your platforms, including your website, social media outlets and print helps your brand build trust and recognition.

By biting the bullet and choosing a photography business to help you produce high-quality imagery, you’re making an investment that will be worth its while in the long run.

Why Photography Matters for Your Brand

When it comes to marketing and promoting any business, in today’s content-rich world of the media, the use of professional photography is a must. This is no matter what industry you work in!

Now you can understand why photography matters for your business. So, you might want to find the time and budget to hire a professional photographer to help you build your brand and create stunning, high-quality imagery to wow customers.

That’s where we come in to help. Learn more about our creative photography services and how we can help your company here.

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