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Artist Profile Mercedes Gutierrez

Our Artist Profile on Mercedes Gutierrez

When our work relationships become personal relationships, our artwork becomes more natural, emotive, intimate and effortless.

Creating powerful bonds with the people we work with is one of the most important connections we can hope to establish in this industry. That’s sort of why we became our own creative talent agency. Early on, we learned how important it is to embrace the people in our community and the landscape where our art exists. That’s why community is so deeply ingrained in our company culture; it’s why you will see familiar faces in our artwork; it’s one of the reasons we choose to collaborate with artist like Mercedes Gutierrez whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Mercedes Gutierrez is an extremely talented model/actress who we work with on anything from creative profiles, studio rental promotions, client productions, live creative exhibits and more. Not only is Mercedes beautiful, but she also has a unique perspective on life, which resonates positively in her art. She possesses a natural ability to captivate audiences — to draw in the viewer and hold their attention until the credits roll. We hope that shows in this artist profile on Mercedes Gutierrez.

Below are some awesome videos we produced with Mercedes along with a behind-the-scenes look into one of our productions that she starred in. You can contact Mercedes on Instagram to hire her for your next project or work with us to bring your vision to life.

First, we’d like to properly introduce you to Mercedes Gutierrez.

Mercedes came to us with a desire to elevate her career as a professional model/actress before moving to Atlanta. Even though she didn’t have the resources for a new talent reel, we were happy to play a significant role in this production. She wasn’t a jerk, so that really worked out. 🙂 Though we’re most known for working with big brands, we have a special place in our hearts for artists trying to make it in the industry.

We chose to give Mercedes a strong role in the creative process of her new talent reel. Though our team was heavily involved in the conception and artistic direction, Mercedes took ownership of this project. She had a vision for what she wanted. As artists, we fully respect that.


Behind the Scenes.

We live behind the scenes. That’s our domain. But showing the behind the scenes isn’t always about our team and our work ethic. This behind the scenes artist profile on Mercedes Gutierrez shows what it’s like to work with her…

It all happened in the moment. When we were filming Mercedes Gutierrez’ talent reel, we just so happened to have this spectacular car parked inside the studio. We were having such a great time filming with Mercedes that we asked her to mess around and pose with the car. It wasn’t planned and that’s why it feels so natural and attractive. That’s the power of great talent. A strong model — an intoxicating presence — can really elevate a production.


Star of the Show.

When we wanted to promote our studio rental space — to show how dynamic and expansive our space is — we had this idea of bringing a super nice car inside. We wanted to infuse the production with a sultry, seductive, yet powerfully feminine vibe. After filming Mercedes’ artist profile we knew she would be perfect for the role. So, naturally, we invited her back to the studio.

Mercedes was the perfect star for this studio rental promotion. The video demonstrates how dynamic our studio space is, yes. But after the video was filmed and edited it was clear that it had evolved into something far more vivacious.

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Creative Talent Agency Fort Lauderdale
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