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Crew Call Fort Lauderdale Event

Crew Call: The Tattoo Project

The first creative talent event of 2020 [ April 18th]

A lot of brands won’t work with models that have tattoos. They either hire talent whose body is a blank slate or force the model to cover their artwork. That way, they can modify their image to reflect their brand. We don’t do that…

We prefer to work with people with personality; people who embrace their artistic senses; people who wear their art on their sleeve (literally)… Because real artwork doesn’t compromise. And it most certainly doesn’t restrict the artist or the subject. Instead, it rallies the charisma of the outcast and encourages expression in its most wild and untamed fashion.

That’s one of the reasons we use live models at Crew Call. It’s why we invite everyone and anyone to join in and do their thing…whatever that may be. If you want to model, no one will stop you. Seriously, at our first Crew Call event, many of the guests attending the event (who happened to be models by trade) joined in and activated some of our stages. Who are we to stop them? Our industry deserves more freedom like this. Rules are boring. You don’t have to follow them.

We felt it was important to start Crew Call 2020 with a theme that defies the industry standard. What better way to do that than invite the black sheep of the modeling industry to the studio.

Crew Call The Tattoo Project C&I Studios
Crew Call The Tattoo Project C&I Studios
Crew Call The Tattoo Project C&I Studios
Crew Call The Tattoo Project
C&I Studios Crew Call Event Fort Lauderdale
Crew Call The Tattoo Project Fort Lauderdale

Visual Storytelling Transcends Media

Tattoos are one of the most unique forms of storytelling. They’re abstract, vague, extremely direct, and deeply personal. They tell of moments passed and those we yearn to bring to life.

Each time someone adds a tattoo to their body, they’re adding a new chapter to their story. But the really cool thing is that the story isn’t linear like we’re accustomed to. It’s cyclical. It can be read in any direction. Front to back; side to side; top to bottom; and on and on. And with each reading, the message evolves…

The first tattoo that someone gets inked on their body is not always going to be the start to their tale, nor is the last tattoo the ending.

Tattoos are stories you can read to your own beat. And that’s how we hope you will treat Crew Call on April 18th. We hope you will make it your own and move at your own pace. We hope you will use your art to transform someone else’s tattoos into your own story.

About The Artist | Jaquelyn Puma

When we were searching for talent for this promotion, we decided that we wanted to work with someone in the tattoo industry. For us, it was more important that we had a model who was more than a model — someone whose life and career was firmly cemented in tattoo art. Turns out, our search was much closer to home than we expected…

Jaquelyn Puma is a tattoo artist at Borrowed Time Tattoos in Flagler Village, just a few blocks from our studio headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. She was trained in art in New York City at many prestigious schools, such as Pratt, FIT, and Pace University. This is where her unique style was born — a style that blends provocative imagery with twisting shapes and psychedelic energy. You can check out her gallery of art here.

In addition to being an artist, Jaquelyn is also a model, hence why she was selected for this shoot. Her style was perfect for this production. She emitted a strong, cavalier aura and mixed that boldness with shy, bashful postures, which really set this off. Her demeanor is almost inviting, yet so intimidating. It’s the ability to blend emotions like this that separates decent models from the talented ones.

Crew Call The Tattoo Project
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