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Joe Perri #Uncreative Profile

#Uncreative is our response to society’s outdated perspective that our generation is not creative. We know the opposite is true.


We launched the Uncreative Shop to give our uncreative comrades a calling card. Or, rather, a stylish middle finger to throw in the air. To launch the brand, we starting creating videos that showcase creative people from all over the world. We show what inspires them to create beautiful; to express themselves and remain unapologetic in the process. We even show the roadblocks they encounter along the way.


This #Uncreative Profile features Joe Perri—a Puerto Rican photographer raised in South Florida and currently based in Los Angeles. Joe travels around the world to photograph incredible people. His art delves deep into the personalities of his subjects. He takes the time to get to know them before photographing them. That is the only way he can capture their emotions… their mindset. And that gives his photography soul. You can check out his portfolio here. It’s really quite something.


When we met up with Joe Perri in Los Angeles, we asked him to share his thoughts on what being a photographer truly means. Watch his #Uncreative Profile to find out the truth behind his craft.

Uncreatives Explore Life

A lot of people talk about traveling. They want to see the world with someone they know or care about. When asked, “What do you wish you could do more of?” most people will most often answer that they wish they could travel more. That said, what makes traveling so precious? We find that it’s the cultures and the people that we connect with who make our travels so special. We’re not talking about the people we smile at in passing but the people who open their worlds to us and welcome ours, too.


Many people get so caught up in their lives that they forget to open their eyes and look beyond the mental constructs they confine themselves. They confuse complacency with comfort. As the years pass, their box tends to get smaller until they find themselves encapsulated in a habitual prison filled with the same unchanging circumstances day after day.


That’s no way to live. So, do as Joe Perri does… travel, take risks, and act with purpose. Don’t travel simply to see new places and brush shoulders with other cultures. Do it to create outstanding opporunities for yourself. Meet people; embrace people; share your world with them and value theirs, too.


Talk to the one-eyed bearded old man at the bar. Sample every single one of those Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Open yourself to exploring what life has to offer. And be unapologetically uncreative.

Joe Perri Uncreative Profile

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