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Buddha Bowl
Web Design & Development

The brand guidelines created by our copywriting and graphic design departments paved the way for the website design. In this phase, our graphic design team invented a website layout that would expedite the ordering process and fully reflect the core values and brand pillars that define Buddha Bowl.


Negative space frees up the density on the site. Our designers wanted the site to breathe, so they reduced the clutter and spaced out the content. This reflects Buddha Bowl’s core value that simple ingredients can create more abundant flavors. We did not want to overwhelm our consumers. That was the intention. The site needed to feel light. This aesthetic, in a way, personifies the food. Additionally, we focused a lot of content blocks on call to actions in order to exemplify the Buddha Bowl value that more time should be spent enjoying food rather than waiting for it. This is fast food made healthy. This needed to be signaled throughout the site. No matter which page the consumer lands on or where they navigate to, the option to place an order is always at their fingertips.


One of the challenges in building Buddha Bowl’s website is that we had to work with imagery provided by the client. As content creators, we love total creative control. This is especially valuable when, in the case of Buddha Bowl, we are branding the business and creating their narrative from the ground up. Creating our own content to support our copy would have elevated the appeal of the website and the overall message. For instance, a company profile video showcasing the values and philosophy of the Buddha Bowl fresh kitchen would have been a great addition. But, in the end, it all came together to deliver the function the client needed to propel their business. And that is most important.

For more information on our Web Department, check out our website design and development service.

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Buddha Bowl Fresh Kitchen

Buddha Bowl is a fresh kitchen based in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Their brand philosophy unites healthy eating with mind, body and soul.


Buddha Bowl hired us in the earliest stage of business development. At the time, all they had was a vision. We put that vision into words and designed the entire look and feel for their brand. This required an entire branding campaign, including mission/vision statement, core values, brand pillars, tone of voice, and other collateral that would distinguish their brand from competitors.


A Foundation in Branding


Buddha bowls are a part of the latest dining fads. Many businesses in this market share similar philosophies on healthy eating. Creating a personality that would differentiate Buddha Bowl from every other fresh kitchen was essential. Therefore, we gave a lot of attention to branding. All the language crafted in the branding phase would be included throughout the website and menu, so it needed to remain true to the brand entirely. The challenge was that we needed to remain unique yet understandable and relatable. Deciding on the right language meant creating the best narrative. This is where we started.


Before moving into the Graphic Design or Web Design & Development phases, we created a full brand guideline for Buddha Bowl. This provided the blueprint for how they would present their brand to consumers, as well as how their employees would speak and interact day-to-day.

Buddha Bowl’s mission is to prove that food should propel our lives, not slow them down.


“We seek to reconnect people with their food; to show consumers how to rethink the way they approach eating by infusing original recipes, natural ingredients, and creative culinary action.”

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Pembroke Pines Brand Pillars Ingredients Guidelines
Brand Pillars Healthy Living Guidelines
Brand Pillars Dining Experience Guidelines
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