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Freebird Real Estate Fort Lauderdale

Freebird is an exciting new real estate concept debuting in East Fort Lauderdale.

Freebird real estate agents focus on the unique lifestyle needs of their clientele to find them a home that best suits their way of living. Before beginning the home buying process, they take the time to get to know their clients personally. If you’re a yogi, an outdoorsman, a business person, a boater, a foodie (you get the point), they’ll learn about your interests and passions until they have a firm understanding of how you live. Then they’ll find you a perfect home in a neighborhood that exemplifies your lifestyle.

Freebird’s personalized program represents a massive paradigm for real estate in East Fort Lauderdale.

Freebird believes that how you live is the first step in deciding where you should live. They inject the home buying experience with a social-centric, no-pressure vibe, which provides their agents with the intel needed to locate your dream home in East Fort Lauderdale. This intimate process creates a positive and relaxed atmosphere in which their clients can experience life in East Fort Lauderdale before committing to a move.

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Freebird has invented a new style of community building.

They are unlike any other real estate firm in the profession. And we are confident they will enrich the quality of life in East Fort Lauderdale for residents interested in buying, selling, or renting a beautiful home.

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Branding Freebird

The first step in branding Freebird was creating an image that would welcome home buyers, sellers, and those interested in the East Fort Lauderdale lifestyle.

Our image had to excite consumers by breathing life into real estate. Boring wouldn’t do. Ordinary wouldn’t do. Their real estate process contradicts the status quo, therefore, their branding had to be completely unique for the industry.


First, we created a color palette that was iconic to South Florida scenery yet unique to the Freebird brand. One important difference here is how it distinguishes the company from other real estate agencies. The client wanted to avoid mimicking the realtor aesthetic that has completely saturated the market. This decision inspired us to incorporate people into the branding collateral. Rather than showcase homes and realtors in suits, we chose to showcase real people living and enjoying the East Fort Lauderdale lifestyle.


Given that Freebird is redefining the real estate process for home buyers and sellers by making the entire experience more social and laidback in nature, we avoided using imagery or language that denoted hard sales. We want users to feel comfortable every time they interact with the Freebird brand. If we did not achieve this, then we risked devaluing the Freebird program, which would, ultimately, cast the brand in the same shade as generic real estate agencies.


The final product is a distinguished and easily identifiable brand image that we are confident will become an icon to real estate in East Fort Lauderdale. No other company embodies the same values, energy, or process as Freebird, which is why the branding is so effective.

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Freebird cultivates the most experienced professionals in the industry. Their leadership has been serving the East Fort Lauderdale markets in various capacities for the past 30 years. They know everything there is to know about Fort Lauderdale and will use their insights to guide you to your dream home.


More importantly, once you do find your new home in East Fort Lauderdale, Freebird invites you to join their community permanently. They host monthly Happy Hour occasions throughout Fort Lauderdale, so you can embrace your new home and start building your social network.

Freebird Real Estate Facebook Website

Designing & Developing Freebird's Website

The crown jewel of Freebird’s branding and marketing is their website.

We designed and developed a digital home that exemplifies the Freebird program. The entire website is built around the user experience. It is designed to excite consumers, inform them of the benefits of Freebird’s unique program, show them the validity of their process and encourage them to reach out to schedule a tour with a Freebird agent.


The greatest challenge we faced in the creation of the website was the interactive map for the Areas East page. This custom design provides an overview of East Fort Lauderdale, showing major points of interest and the locations of the most iconic and livable neighborhoods in the city. Our interactive map allows users to embark on a digital tour of East Fort Lauderdale. Each icon leads to a unique page that provides lifestyle information and pictures of the neighborhood, the most recent real estate statistics, and a few Freebird favorites.


To exemplify the laidback, social-centric appeal of Freebird real estate in Fort Lauderdale, we created a custom lifestyle quiz. This casual intake form preps users for the program and provides Freebird agents with a few talking points to get to know their clients on a personal level. A major function of the site is to ease consumers into this new real estate process while gently feeding them information on the Freebird brand and what awaits their new life in East Fort Lauderdale.

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