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Hollywood Community Housing Corporation


Hollywood Community Housing Corporation is solving the Los Angeles housing crisis by providing communities with affordable housing, enrichment opportunities, and supportive services.

Perspective is the root to their success in tackling this crisis. Rather than look at communities and decide their needs they look to communities for guidance. They don’t make assumptions. They speak to the people, learn their hardships and their greatest needs, then deliver the means for them to overcome their greatest obstacles.


We believe that outreach that provides people the tools and insights to create change for themselves produce the greatest results. We appreciate everything that Hollywood Community Housing Corporation is doing for the city of Los Angeles. When they came to us to create their company branding video — to showcase their mission, ideology, and promise for the future — we were all in!


A major focus of the video is explaining how their organization works for the people of L.A. By showing how their leadership works alongside those who are vulnerable, yet driven to improve their lives and their communities, we created a video that is equal parts community, results-driven, uplifting, and optimistic. It is a showcase of their passion, determination, legacy, and vision… and that carries immense weight.

Closeup of a man with a goatee talking with a woman with another woman in the background
Side profile of a group of five men and two women at a ground breaking event
Boy posing for camera holding a cartoon book next to shelf with other books
Closeup of child hands holding a stack of books on a wooden table
Aerial view of housing in a city
Man in a suit with pink tie talking
Man, woman and two boys by an apartment complex
Woman putting books on table for a little girl sitting there

Hollywood Community Housing Marketing Booklet

Our company profile video conditions viewers to invest in the HCH mission.

Brand storytelling is effective because it is emotional (and humans are creatures of emotion).


The effectiveness of our marketing booklet was dependent on the impact of our company profile video, which is featured on the homepage of the Hollywood Community Housing website. This video is the showcase and comprehensive overview of their mission. But it is not rigid, boring, or stuffy. It focuses on people, positive change, progress, and a selfless determination to empower those in hard times. These messages resonate with a lot of people, but especially with Hollywood Community Housing’s target demographics.


To generate the best results, we were created a marketing booklet to be distributed alongside the premier of Hollywood Community Housing’s company video. The marketing booklet shows a different side of the same mission. It gets into the numbers and the facts, informing our audience of the crisis, the longterm downside if it doesn’t get solved, and the strides that HCH is making to change Los Angele’s housing landscape.


Hover over the image to the left and click the button to open Hollywood Community Housing’s marketing brochure and invest in their mission.

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