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JELLYFISH is a short film produced by C&I Studios.

The film was written by the lead actress, Katherine Montgomery, and directed by our good friend Joe Perri.


Joe is a photographer by trade — an excellent one at that! Check out his artist profile! But he wanted to explore the intricacies of directing Film. Katherine’s script proved to be a great introduction for him, so we lent our services and helped them bring their passion project to life.

We love Film. And we love being a resource for those who do, too.

In the case of Jellyfish, we had the tools, the software, the expertise, and the strong arm in production. Katherine had a fully hashed out script. And Joe had a plan to execute her vision. So, we collaborated to create this fine work of art.


At the end of the day, we love films. It’s why we got into the content creation business. When we meet people who are equally passionate and just as curious as we are, we often do what we can to help them execute their art. This was a great project to work on and we are thrilled with how it turned out.

These Frame Grabs are some of our favorites.

We capture moments in everything we film. These instances, though they are part of a constant flow of visuals, stand out independently and elevate the meaning of certain scenes.


It’s really quite captivating when a sequence stops and all the viewer can interpret is that very moment. It’s why we showcase frame grabs of our films. Each still holds power.


If you watched the film above, we encourage you to explore the frame grabs below. Analyze them, feel them, breathe in their colors, then go back and rewatch Jellyfish. Will those scenes impact you differently now that you have a new perspective?

Man and woman with blond hair looking at each other by the window with man holding a red cup
Woman with long blond hair headshot
Side profile of man with short blond hair sitting
Side profile of man and woman with blond hair sitting next to each other with the woman's head on the man's shoulder
Closeup of someone making a drawing on paper with a pencil
Closeup of man with short blond hair headshot
Woman with long blond hair headshot
Man and woman with blond hair looking at each other over a table with plants by the window
Person holding yellow flowers by a window with plants nearby on a table
Ground view of weeds growing by a walkway with a person walking past it
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