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Gray and white The Eyeglass Pillow logo by LaySee Pillow

LaySee Pillow

The Eyeglass Pillow by LaySee Pillow is the answer to a longtime annoyance.

If you wear seeing eyeglasses, then you know how uncomfortable it is to lay on your side. Pillows simply do not agree with glasses. They shift your sight, press your glasses into your skull, or completely obstruct your view of the television! Well, not anymore.


LaySee Pillow invents comfortable, practical solutions for everyday people. Their innovations in the home goods retail department have been a great benefit for people of all ages, especially those who wear glasses. When they were ready to launch their latest product, the Eyeglass Pillow, they came to us because of the work we did for Ghostbed and the success of their ad campaign.


LaySee Pillow wanted to hit the market hard with a memorable and catchy piece of visual media that would encourage users to explore their brand and make a purchase. With this goal in mind, we created a straightforward ad with eclectic characters that is both fun and succinct. We included bite-sized pieces of information on the screen in the form of text to educate consumers on the benefit of their product and leave a lasting impression.

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