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Reach Out And Play

A Video Game Live Stream Fundraiser

Reach Out And Play got its start way back in 2014 during the holiday season. We invited the Fort Lauderdale community to the studio for a 12-hour live stream party to help raise money for the three featured organizations that C&I Reach supports on a monthly basis: Flutemaker Ministries, Jedidiah Learning Steps, and Watchmen on the Walls Ministries.


We brought the live stream back to life in March 2020 in an effort to help raise money for small local businesses that have been adversely impacted by the novel coronavirus. Every Friday for eight weeks, we invited local business owners to the studio to compete against our team for bragging rights and to encourage philanthropic giving amongst our audiences on Twitch, Youtube, and Instagram.


To reach a modern audience, we rebranded Reach Out And Play with new graphics and video advertising. In everything we do, we aim for the highest quality. We never settle for mediocre, so it was only right that we broke out our best production gear to create a live stream of expert quality, consistency, and clarity.


Visit Reach Out And Play to catch the latest streams!


Reach Out And Play Logo Creation

Since ROAP was created way back in 2014, we needed to rebrand the fundraising initiative to reach a contemporary audience. First, we designed the logo.


The importance of a catchy and memorable logo cannot be overstated. Since our logo served as both brand representation and recognition, and also acted as an engaging cover for cut-scenes, we wanted to create something that was active and recognizable (to both avid and passive gamers).


After multiple sketches, we created a series of iconic video gaming identities that our audience would immediately connect with. Taking this a step further, we animated the logo to make it all the more exciting.


The animated logo is perhaps the most important asset. It is used during cutscenes to keep our audience engaged in the live stream while connecting the various platforms we stream from (Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, and Web).

Community is everything

Reach Out And Play was not solely a fundraiser. Yes, we started ROAP to support local business owners, but it also created to entertain our peers at a time when we could all use a bit of company.


With the assertion of social distancing and self-quarantining, we felt it was important to give our audience something to look forward to — something that would enable them to communicate with like-minded individuals in a fun and safe space.


We make every effort to involve our community in our work one way or another, so this was a no-brainer. To fully deliver on the entertainment component, we amped up our video game challenges with risk and reward.


For instance, when Greg Young from Nobleman’s Cut & Shave joined us for ROAP, he played the most advanced version of Tetris, competing again real online players for donations. And when our team members, Marc Joseph and Joseph Miller, went head-to-head in NBA Jam, the loser (in this case, both of them) had to eat spicy jalapeno and habanero peppers! And when we invited Richard Charlemon from Reyna Group Home to the live stream, we played drunken Mario Kart, because we could all learn a valuable lesson from drinking and driving (i.e., don’t do it!).

Reach Out And Play Video Game Live Streaming Fundraiser