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Product Line Videography: Go Viral in 5 Steps

So you’ve just launched an awesome product line, congratulations!


Your inspiration and curiosity have led to a full-scale business, you worked hard, and are now living the American Dream people around the globe strive for. 

But how do you get your incredible idea out there, and how do you get it to go viral? 

Simple: You need Videography.

Complex: Getting started.

Who you gonna call? GhostBeds

Don’t shy away in confusion just yet, we are going to walk you through a successful video marketing campaign and the five must-have factors that made it viral, with over 3 million views. 

1. Product Presentation

Before getting started you have to think about how you want to present your product to your target audience. 

In the case of Ghost Beds, they wanted to target families in search of affordable and comfortable pillows. BUT here’s the catch they were marketing a new kind of pillow.

This was a scientific breakthrough that would form to head and keep it cool- wow. 

So how do you market a creative, breakthrough product in a substantial way?

Ghostbeds took their product to a video production agency in search of a viral fix. 

2. Creating a Storyboard

C&I Studios took on the challenge to go viral and actually created nine different concepts which they presented to Ghostbeds. 

The idea was to initiate ridiculous humor with wide appeal. Thus a mad scientist was born explaining the technology behind his production: The Ghost Pillow

Great cinematographers always create a storyboard before filming, so don’t miss out on this tip. If you are looking to create a video around your product line, make sure to ask for a storyboard from your video production company. 

3. Gathering Your Cast

Hiring the right actors for the job can be a tough task. However, the professionalism of your actors is really going to make all the difference.

In the case of Ghost Pillows, they needed comedians and actors who weren’t afraid to get a little silly.

Don’t be discouraged if you lack the outward, energetic personality to capture an audience’s attention on the screen. There are people who are much better at this and far more comfortable on-screen, so it’s alright if you hire a professional cast of actors.

Having memorable people in your product line video can have a tremendous impact on how your target audience perceives the value you are offering. Often, they can better convey your message and effectively deliver the desired tone you are trying to achieve. 

4. Filming Your Product Line

Now for the fun part— actually filming your product line video! 

Not so fast though. You’ll need a couple of things if you’re going to nail this. 

There is an old saying that goes “digital projects are only as good as the checklists that precede them.”

OK, so we totally made that quote up, but it actually has some truth to it (and a nice ring to it, also).

Here’s a high-level, definitely-not-comprehensive checklist of everything you’ll need to have ready in order to absolutely crush your product line video: 

  • Professional video camera
  • Profession lighting
  • Professional Audio
  • Video Editors
  • Producer
  • Cast & Crew
  • Costume
  • Hair & Make-up

Understanding these key components and how they intertwine with one another can help your product line video production be much less daunting. 

As you work your way through the checklist, be sure to ask yourself and reflect on the following questions:

  • How does this contribute to the end goal of my product line video?
  • Does this individual have the technical expertise I need?
  • Will this person convey the tone I want?
  • Can I afford a project of this size?

It’s no surprise that you may have to compromise on a few of these things, like sacrificing a good hair and makeup artist for a charismatic lead actor or actress. Decide on what your product line video needs, prioritize accordingly, then passionately execute. 

5. Hire a Video Production Agency

When you hire a creative video production agency, you get results. Their curiosity and eagerness to produce something that sparks the imagination will surely help your marketing efforts.

Going Viral with Product Line Videography

Going viral might seem impossible, but it’s not, and in the case of Ghostbeds comedy played a huge role! 

Are you looking to take your product line to the next level and go viral? We are up for the challenge, contact us today!

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