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A Better Way To Sell Cocktails
Craft Cocktails Next Door at C&I
Craft Cocktails Next Door at C&I
Craft Cocktails Next Door at C&I
Craft Cocktails Next Door at C&I

We recently rebranded Next Door. And with the change came a better way to sell craft cocktails.

Next Door has been a staple of FATVillage for years, however, the community knew it by a different name. Despite being known as BREW, we always guided the vision for the space Next Door. It started with books (an entire wall of them) and matured from there.

Recently, we felt that the aesthetic of Next Door was failing to keep pace with our vision. We had outgrown our branding. Next Door is moody, sexy, and romantic. But we weren’t presenting it that way online. There was a disconnect. But not anymore.

If you’re interested in seeing Next Door’s new branding, you have to check out our portfolio. We’d love to hear what you think.

We’re a media company. It’s only natural that we use videos to liven our bar Next Door.

Video captures emotion more accurately than any other visual medium. It plays with the memories of the viewer, reaching them through nostalgia. Even with a soundtrack masking the chatter at the bar, the viewer can hear the indistinct converstations; they can hear the ice clinking against glasses; they can smell the aroma of citrus and mint wafting in the air; they can taste that first sip and feel warm liquor coat their lips.

These visual cues inspire real sensations — real memories. And that has the power to sell.

This is the video for our newest cocktail addition, The Parker. It was inspired by Valentine’s Day but is here to stay for a while. This is the first of many new drink menus you will see on our TVs. We hope you’ll watch them, feel them, and see if the final product tastes as good as your memories.


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