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Develop Your TV Series from Pitch to Production

Are you a creative mind brimming with captivating TV show ideas? Look no further! At C&I Studios, we live and breathe television production, and we’re thrilled to be the catalyst for turning your vision into a reality. Whether you’re an aspiring screenwriter, a seasoned storyteller, or simply someone with a unique concept, our doors are open to your brilliance.

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C&I Studios celebrates the diversity of creative storytelling, and we’re thrilled to receive pitches for various kinds of TV shows. No matter your concept, we’re prepared to embrace your vision and bring it to life on the screen. Below are just a few of the TV show genres we eagerly welcome.

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The River Cabin

Drama series are TV shows that delve into the complexities of human emotions, relationships, and conflicts. At C&I Studios, we excel in crafting gripping and emotionally charged narratives. With our expertise in character development and powerful storytelling, your drama series pitch will find the perfect home to resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impact.

Comedy shows are all about bringing laughter and joy to viewers through humor and wit. When you pitch your comedic genius to C&I Studios, you’ll partner with a team skilled in creating heartwarming comedies, witty sitcoms, and laugh-out-loud sketches. We’ll collaborate to ensure your comedy show captivates audiences and becomes a fan favorite.

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Cedric the Entertainer
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Grace From Above

Thrilling mysteries keep audiences at the edge of their seats with captivating plot twists and suspenseful storytelling. At C&I Studios, we have a knack for crafting intricate mysteries that keep viewers guessing until the very end. Your mystery pitch will be in expert hands as we breathe life into compelling crime-solving adventures or mind-bending psychological thrillers.

Standalone documentaries can be feature-length films or shorter pieces, and they are usually self-contained, presenting a comprehensive narrative within a single work.

A docuseries, short for “documentary series,” is a collection of documentary episodes or installments, typically connected by a central theme or subject which allows for more extensive coverage of a topic, often exploring it from different angles or perspectives over multiple episodes.

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Fund Black Tech
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Caribbean Cookout

Reality TV offers unscripted glimpses into unique worlds and authentic human experiences. At C&I Studios, we excel in capturing genuine emotions and creating compelling reality content. Pitch your innovative ideas, and let’s collaborate to make your reality TV show a captivating and heartwarming journey that resonates with viewers.

Fantasy and sci-fi genres transport audiences to otherworldly realms and futuristic landscapes. At C&I Studios, our skilled visual artists and VFX experts can bring your imaginative visions to life. Pitch your high-concept ideas, and together, we’ll create visually stunning and emotionally impactful fantasy and sci-fi worlds.

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Lyra 34
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Me, You, and the Road

Lifestyle and travel shows celebrate diverse cultures, culinary delights, and breathtaking destinations. C&I Studios is passionate about visually stunning and inspiring content that takes viewers on unforgettable journeys. Pitch your ideas, and let’s collaborate to create captivating lifestyle and travel shows that showcase the beauty of the world.

True crime stories explore real-life mysteries, investigations, and criminal cases. C&I Studios approaches true crime with sensitivity and respect, ensuring responsible storytelling. Choose us for your true crime pitch, and together, we’ll shed light on justice, redemption, and the human spirit with impactful narratives.

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One Step
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Uncreative Radio

Talk shows are engaging TV programs that feature lively discussions, interviews, and conversations with guests on a variety of topics. This is one of the simplest and longest-standing formats in programming with news talk shows popping up week. At C&I Studios, we are adept at creating dynamic talk shows that captivate audiences and spark intriguing dialogues.

Action TV shows deliver adrenaline-pumping excitement with thrilling stunts, intense fight sequences, and heart-pounding adventures. Audiences love a good hero as much as they love a good villain and having a great story that ties the together can be a real recipe for a mega hit. At C&I Studios, we are well-versed in producing action-packed TV shows that leave audiences at the edge of their seats.

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Blue Violin

Unmatched Production Power in LA

Whether your TV show requires a picturesque backdrop, or your documentary demands authentic real-world locations, LA’s diverse landscape has it all. C&I Studios has its headquartered in downtown Los Angeles and is deeply ingrained in the industry, with an extensive network of industry contacts, including producers, directors, writers, and actors. When you pitch your idea to us, you tap into an industry hub that thrives on bringing visions to the screen. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of production, ensuring your project reaches its full potential.

Our studio has forged strong relationships with broadcasters, distributors, and influential decision-makers who can champion your idea and open doors to major distribution channels. Pitching your TV show, documentary, or film to us opens doors to valuable connections, collaborations, and potential partnerships that can elevate your project to new heights.

Broadcast or Streaming?

Broadcast programming and streaming services are two distinct methods of delivering content to audiences. The end experience for the consumer is similar but broadcasting and streaming are vastly different in their approach to transmission method, delivery format, content selection, interactivity, and advertisements.

Transmission Method

Broadcast programming refers to content delivered through traditional broadcast channels, such as over-the-air television or radio. In this method, the content is transmitted over specific frequencies and is accessible to anyone with a compatible television or radio receiver within the broadcast range.

Streaming is a digital content delivery method that utilizes the internet. Instead of broadcasting content over the airwaves, streaming services deliver audio or video content over the internet in real-time or on-demand. Viewers access the content through internet-connected devices, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, or computers.

Delivery Format

Broadcast programs adhere to a predetermined schedule set by television or radio networks. Viewers or listeners tune in at the specified time to watch or listen to the content. Once the broadcast is over, the program may or may not be repeated at a later time.

Streaming services provide content on-demand, allowing users to watch or listen to their desired shows, movies, or music at their convenience. Users can choose from a library of available titles and stream them instantly, without the need to adhere to a fixed schedule.

Content Selection

Traditional broadcast channels typically offer a limited selection of programs based on their schedules. Viewers have to choose from the channels available in their region and watch what is being broadcasted at that specific time.

Streaming platforms provide a vast array of content choices, including movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original series. Users can browse through extensive libraries and select content from various genres, often with personalized recommendations based on their viewing history.

Interactivity and Advertisements

Broadcast programs are linear and lack interactivity. Viewers can only watch what is being broadcast at a given time and have limited control over the content. Traditional broadcast channels include commercial advertisements during scheduled breaks within the program.

Streaming services offer a high degree of interactivity. Users can pause, rewind, fast-forward, skip content, or even rate content at their discretion. Some streaming services include ad-supported content with intermittent commercials or ad-free subscription options for a seamless viewing experience.

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