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Uncreative Radio with Rob Villanueva

"Social media is like wearing a shirt with your d*** size on it."

Episode 118
Airing Thursday, September 12, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET


We’re on Uncreative Radio with Rob Villanueva to discuss why successful athletes go broke, the fake veil of Instagram, and how creative professionals can improve their online presence.

Rob Villanueva is a creative consultant based in New York City. He is an expert at building brands for professional athletes and businesses that produce far-reaching financial benefits.

Rob Villanueva started out in I.T. in the world of PC. By the time he was 14, he was being paid for his I.T. work. From there, he got into network engineering, which started him on a 15-year career that led to Silicon Valley. Technology was his life right up until his brother, Charlie Villanueva, was drafted to the NBA. He quit his job. And started a new career which eventually brought him to the world of creative brand consulting.

In this episode of Uncreative Radio with Rob Villanueva, Rob shares his experience living alongside professional athletes in the NBA and how early decision making decides one’s financial future forever.

It’s all fun and games when a relative, a close friend, or even you get drafted to live out lifelong dreams of playing in the big league of sports. But at what point should that excitement be channeled into planning for one’s future? When Rob Villanueva’s brother was drafted to play for the Toronto Raptors, he followed him to the NBA. He enjoyed the excitement and partying. Who wouldn’t? Looking back, however, he realizes how many obvious money-making opportunities he failed to capitalize on. Or, in his words, “We should all be millionaires right now.”

Rob did not take advantage of those early years. A lot of the athletes in his company didn’t. Seeing their pitfalls, and learning from his own mistakes, led Rob Villanueva into the world of creative brand consulting where he recognizes and optimizes every financial opportunity for his client’s. Rob shares a ton of valuable insights on how to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves and how planning for the future means the difference between a lifetime of luxury or financial woe.

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From Financial Planning to Brand Building

A major part of Rob’s business is social media, particularly Instagram. We have that in common. Given his background in tech, he has many great insights that the average user doesn’t consider. If you use Instagram this is where you’ll want to tune in. Rob and Josh remove the veil disguising fake social media accounts and how they devalue your online presence. “Don’t be sold by the number of followers,” he says. “You have to look deeper than that.”

Stick around, because after we lift the veil, Rob and Josh provide pro tips designed to help creative professionals build rewarding social media accounts. If you want to make a career out of your art then you need to know how to harness authenticity, storytelling, and one other key ingredient…

Tune in Thursday, September 12 at 6 PM ET to Uncreative Radio with Rob Villanueva to find out how you can beat the social media algorithm and cash-in on unlikely opportunities.

#UNCREATIVERadio airs every Thursday at 6 PM. Our guests are some of the brightest minds in their industry. Most are self-starters and artists doing everything they can to establish their name among the best of the best. If you have great ambitions in life, then this is your source for art, entertainment, and inspiration.

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