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Uncreative Radio with Willie Morris

"No, no, no it wasn't like that one time..."

Uncreative Radio
Airing Thursday, September 5, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET


We’re on Uncreative Radio with Willie Morris, discussing crucial issues, the US presidency, the power of influencers, and “that one time…”

Willie Morris is a successful, self-made NYC entrepreneur and public speaker. He is also a longtime friend of the guys at the studio. We’ve worked with Willie on several video production projects around the world. We created video content for his first business, Faithbox, which is now called Fan Box. And he joined our team in Honduras and Guatemala to help create free media for small nonprofits doing incredible work in their communities with our nonprofit program, C&I Reach.

You can learn more about Willie Morris on his Youtube Channel and Instagram.

Episode 11 with Willie Morris

On this week’s episode of Uncreative Radio with Willie Morris, Josh and Willie cover crucial topics, the US Presidency (or, rather, the many problems currently associated with the seat of power), the power of the imagination, and “that one time…”

First, Politics

Willie Morris stays well-informed on US politics. As a business owner, you have to. Out of all the democratic candidates fighting for the party nomination, Willie Morris considers Pete Buttigieg to be a frontrunner. Funny enough, C&I Studios filmed Pete Buttigieg’s campaign ad for the Indiana State Treasury.

Willie appreciates Pete Buttigieg’s composure on the debate stage most of all. When asked, Pete Buttigieg discusses the issues without redirecting to Trump’s lack of qualifications. His presence proves he has the mindset to guide our country in a better direction. If you don’t know about Pete Buttigieg’s stance and vision, you should check out his campaign website. Otherwise, Willie’s next top pick would be Michelle Obama, which, we’re sure, we can all get on board with.

As with any conversation regarding US politics, the issue of gun control is often presented. Comment on Youtube with your position. We’d love to hear what our community thinks of their 2nd amendment rights. Are you a hunting man? Willie Morris is. Are you willing to give up your guns for the safety of the general public? Willie Morris is. Watch the episode [minute 7:15] to hear what he has to say.

Up next…

Following their conversation on politics, gun control, and the state of homelessness in the United States, Josh and Willie venture into a new topic: the making of a creative mind and the power imagination has on sculpting one. We love this conversation and think you will too, especially if you are a creative soul or a parent helping to sculpt a child’s beautiful mind.

The meat of the conversation: the imagination is fuel for success, regardless of one’s profession. However, it must be nurtured in youth and cared for as an adult. There are certain strategies for strengthening the ability of creative thought/action and ways of harming it. You should be mindful of the difference!

Tune in Thursday, September 5th at 6 PM to learn how Willie Morris keeps his imagination engaged and how his imagination feeds his career as a self-made entrepreneur.

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