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Uncreative Radio with Todd Steinberg

"We're watching helplessly as the world goes to ruin."

Episode 17 Airs Thursday, October 17th, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET


We’re on Uncreative Radio with Todd Steinberg in Fort Lauderdale!

It was Jon Stewart who said something along the lines of, “If you do not defend your values when they are put under pressure then they aren’t values. They’re hobbies.”

This is true today, more than ever. It seems that everyone has their “causes” and their “values.” They preach about them on social media, sending their prayers and other frivolous gestures for all to see. But when the time comes to truly defend those ideologies through action no one turns up. It’s no wonder progress is rarely achieved.

Blame it on the attention span of the average American citizen.

When something awful happens, whether it be a school shooting, mass deportation of innocent migrants, or the abandoning of an ally in a warzone, the masses rabble, shake their banners and meet up in city squares to express their views. They complain about the injustice, attract media attention and then go home and all is forgotten.

Take Jeffrey Epstein, for instance. He was the talk of the town for some time. His actions were horrendous. He literally sold off young girls to the richest elites for sexual pleasure. He was murdered in his jail cell a month ago. No questions were asked. His black book of contacts went unpursued by law enforcement. And the general public moved on.

No one is talking about Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes anymore. It has been swept aside in favor of impeachment protests, Hong Kong’s march to freedom, that abandonment of the Kurds in Syria, and so on. And these topics, too, will be forgotten in time. And, ultimately, nothing will come of it except the demise of the innocent. No punishments will convict the guilty parties. The world will keep spinning and we will all find something new and even more wicked to rally our pathetic cries.

And it is within this context that Todd Steinberg is watching helplessly as the world goes to ruin.

Todd Steinberg is one of the founders and owners of Komuso Design. He started the business with his wife Vanessa to bring positive change to the world. They are one of our favorite clients to work with. Their vision and brand are incredibly inspiring. You can check out some of the work we’ve done for Komuso on our website. If you like what you see, you can join their growing community by following them on Instagram.

Anyway, Todd was not always in the business of helping others. Not exactly. His first career was in vacation planning and management. He would plan extravagant spring break trips for college kids, sending them to Mexico and other paradises to get drunk and party. He wasn’t exactly fulfilled by this work. So, he did what a lot of people are too afraid (or too passive) to do: he pursued a dream he shared with this wife. This lifestyle change and the anxieties created by his former career were the impetus for Komuso Design.

The moral of the story is that Todd took action to make his dreams a reality. He did not talk about his ambitions then casually let them slip away. No, he (and his wife, Vanessa) worked really hard to create a life of purpose. To achieve such a thing requires sacrifices. But that did not deter them and it should not deter anyone of us from working to make positive changes in the world.

It may sound daunting, like some crusade you must dedicate your life to. But it isn’t. As an American, you have more power to make a change in this world than most. It’s called voting… So, are you ready to stop talking about your values and actually show up to defend them?

Tune-in on Thursday, October 17th for Uncreative Radio with Todd Steinberg for a lesson on taking action to change a world that is moving in the wrong direction. Or… you can send us your prayers on Facebook, kick back and watch the world burn.

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