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Uncreative Radio with Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

"He tried to murder me."

Episode 16 Airs Thursday, October 10th, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET


We’re on Uncreative Radio with Leslie Lynn Nifoussi in Fort Lauderdale!

Have you ever had to physically fight for your life?

Most of us have played out such horror stories in our imaginations. But very few of us have ever actually been put to the test. (This is a good thing.)

Our guest, Leslie Lynn Nifoussi, is a survivor of attempted murder. One day she found herself in a completely random scenario fighting for her life. The bloody scene started with a sweater and a rock…the rest of the story is Leslie’s to tell.

Without saying any spoilers (but, yeah, she obviously survives) we can say that her story is terrifying because it is so plausible. Any one of us could be the target of a random attack one day. If you think about it, truly think about it, random acts of violence are the true horror stories of our time.

Movies like The ConjuringThe Exorcist, and Us are scary but their stories are so fabricated and disillusioned that their shock value begins to lose emphasis. No one gets possessed by the devil anymore, and even fewer scenarios play out where our clones rise from the sewers to murder us with scissors. Whereas movies like Natural Born KillersThe Devil’s Rejects, and The Strangers, where unsolicited acts of violence drive the characters and the narrative, are absolutely terrifying. Predators do exist and their deeds are, in fact, bloody.

In a split second, without provocation, someone could attack you with murderous intent. It could be while you are walking to your car at night, resting in your home, or even working at a surf shop on the Jersey Shore in the middle of broad daylight.

Fortunately for our viewers, Leslie Lynn Nifoussi’s story is about much more than surviving attempted murder. It’s about perseverance and creation. She never let the terror and post-traumatic stress from that situation limit her life. She did not dwell on the violence nor play the victim. She traced a silver lining from that day — the fact that she survived — and used that vigor to fuel a new chapter in her life.

Uncreative Radio with Leslie Lynn Nifoussi tells of a journey that begins with a random act of violence and a deadly encounter and manifests into something beautiful and inspiring. Her story is about the ability to convert trauma into art. In his book, The Devil’s Pleasure Palace, Michael Walsh explains that all art is derived from conflict — that humanity’s shared struggles and defining differences inspire artistic expression. And perhaps his insights have truth to them. Leslie Lynn Nifousssi might agree, too. The conflict gave rise to her artistic expression, after all.

Leslie Lynn Nifoussi is publishing a book about her deadly encounter and how she channeled positivity from a seemingly desolate situation. Her writings are that of coping with trauma, the freedom of catharsis, and the act of creating something beautiful and meaningful out of ugly situations.

Tune in Thursday, October 10th at 6 PM for Uncreative Radio with Leslie Lynn Nifoussi to hear the gritty details of her story and for a sneak-peek into her upcoming novel.

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A Little Bit About Leslie Lynn Nifoussi

Leslie Lynn Nifoussi is a Freelance TV/Talk show Host, Actor, Model, and Voice Over Artist. Her work has been featured in various commercials and print publications. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and keep a lookout for her upcoming self-care book.

#UNCREATIVERadio airs every Thursday at 6 PM.

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