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What is Alopecia?

Side profile of Charlie V wearing blue shirt smiling sitting next to three girls
Still of Charlie V sitting wearing a blue top and baseball cap on backwards playing on a basketball court with a boy and a teenager

The Inspirational Story of
Charlie Villanueva

Producing a film involves planning, shooting, and lots of editing to get the final art piece. This film was no different. Lots of preparation and work went into the filming of Charlie Villanueva’s alopecia journey. We needed to communicate his feelings and how his life has been affected without detracting from his story while also keeping the film length digestible.

Our goal was to preserve the realness, while also creating art during editing. We knew that we had to develop the rainfall scene perfectly because the concept would evoke the best emotions from our audience and allow them to personally connect with Charlie Villanueva’s story.

Charlie V wearing blue shirt and jean shorts walking with children next to a basketball court

We wanted to create an inspirational and compelling documentary production and so we did! There's a lot of emotion in this film, which was very intentionally created to resonate with its viewers

Our goal at C&I Studios is to create films that have a lasting impact on the people who watch them. This would be impossible without our professional film editors. Our talented and experienced film editors create stunning visuals for everything from short films to documentaries and so much more. When it comes to post-production editing, we offer a wide range of enhancement services, including color correction, subtitling, narration, and visual effects. This is all part of our feature film mastering process.

Video Production Services

A Look Behind Our Expert Documentary Production Services

The use of dramatic rain effects in the shoot helped to bring Charlie Villanueva’s story to life. The idea was to incorporate this into the film so the audience could connect with him on an emotional level. Rain not only enhances the sensual experience of the actors on screen, but it also reflects their emotions and feelings. In addition to its stunning visual effect, rain helps to express a variety of moods: somber, uplifted, dramatic, and so on.

Rain is one of the most commonly fabricated weather phenomena in photography and film. However, it isn’t always as simple as one might expect. Rain is difficult to photograph or film because raindrops are notoriously difficult to capture. The only way to achieve the desired effect for that scene was to create artificial rainfall with a rig.

Every time we set foot on set our innovative video production professionals forge unlimited film possibilities

A rain rig was one of the most important pieces of equipment we needed for this shoot. Our crew was able to create our own rain rig using a hosepipe and access to a water tap. The rain rig was then placed above our actor to ensure a consistent downpour.

After establishing our rain source, adequate lighting was next in line in order to make the droplets stand out. With the help of proper lighting, we were able to separate the raindrops from the background, increasing their visibility as they hit the ground. This gave the scene more depth and dimension. As a result, the scene’s cinematography was breathtaking.

Bald man dribbling a basketball on set outside the studios
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