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Reasons Why Your Beauty Product Line Needs Professional Photography

7 Reasons Why Your Beauty Product Line Needs Professional Photography

Some of the world’s biggest companies were birthed from a garage. But this doesn’t mean your product photography should be. 

When it comes to product photography, there are many important reasons why you need to go pro. If you don’t, you could hurt the success of your business and lose market share. 

Want to know why this is? Well, beauty is big. And your beauty line needs professional, flawless photos. 

1. Good Images Sell Product

Good images sell. 

Crisp, professional, and compelling imagery will move your product like nothing else. 

As humans, we’re naturally attracted to imagery. The most significant component of the human brain is the visual cortex.

Stats state that 90 percent of all information processed by the brain is visual, and we absorb images 60,000 times faster than text.

What is more, almost 75 percent of consumers search for visual content before making a purchase, and only 13 percent do not. 

So what does this mean? That the images you create for your lines are critical to the success of your beauty business. 

If you are not convinced yet, consider this. 

According to consumer research, 47 percent of U.S. online shoppers stated product image quality as the number one most influential factor in purchasing decisions. 

2. Your Brand’s Face Is It’s Media

Not only will high-quality media move your beauty line in a way that at-home photography will not—it will also form the face of your brand. 

Imagery is an integral part of branding. If your brand’s imaging and media are blurry, flat, or even a little bit uncompelling, this will tell consumers that your brand is dull, flat, or uncompelling. 

3. Quality Images = Quality Products

Worse yet, bad quality images can also give buyers the impression that your products are of low quality. 

Low-quality media will inevitably make consumers wonder what other aspects of your brand are less than outstanding. 

With consumer distrust in brands on the rise, you want to avoid this impression at all costs. 

4. Professional Images Can Boost Your Brand Across Multiple Platforms

Having professional product images taken can feel like a pricey venture if you have not done this before.

However, professional images are an investment in sales generation and your brand itself. They’re also something that you can ‘repurpose’ and leverage across multiple platforms. 

These include:

  • Your shopping page
  • Other online retail platforms (such as Amazon or Etsy)
  • Social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

Armed with powerful and compelling images on social media, you can attract increased likes and follows. 

These will build your brand and work to boost sales. On sales pages, crisp and tempting imagery will dramatically help to convert leads. 

5. To Look Professional, You Need Multiple Types of Product Imagery

If you are starting out with selling beauty products, you might not know that each product in your range needs not one, but multiple types of images. 

These include:

  • White background shots
  • Multiple-angle shots
  • Lifestyles, action, and ‘in-place’ shots
  • Product grouping images

White background shots are usually used for the main image for a product listing.

However, to showcase the products, it’s also important to show products from multiple angles. 

For beauty lines, multiple angle images aren’t as crucial as for things like apparel and household wares. However, they still help to show the buyer exactly what they are purchasing. 

Lifestyle shoots are also important. The key is to let the buyer imagine themselves using your product at home. 

Picturing one of your beautifully designed homemade beauty products on their vanity might be the push a consumer needs to hit “buy now.”

Lastly, grouping images are essential for showcasing your full range. This can inspire buyers to look at other items in your line. 

6. You Can Tap Into Industry Knowledge

A huge perk of utilizing professional photography services is that you can tap into industry knowledge. 

Product photography is a specialized field. Every product type requires different lighting and staging.

For example, a bottle of perfume will be photographed entirely differently than a T-shirt. 

This is thanks to variations in the way that light reflects off the surfaces of these two products. 

Most DIY guides to product photography don’t go into this level of detail.

Instead, they will give you a one-size-fits-all set of guidelines on how to shoot products. 

Professionals, on the other hand, have a solid understanding of how to show your product off to its best. 

Subtle adjustments in lighting, contrast, reflection, and lens settings are essential for highlighting your beauty business’s products to perfection. 

What is more, professional photographers who are rich in experience will also be able to leverage their accumulated trend knowledge.

As with any sector, product photography goes through trends. Building from these trends will give your images that of-the-moment and on-the-forefront feel. 

7. Product Photography Is Involved—Leave It to the Pros

As both an art and a science, the product photography is an involved field. 

To master it, you need to invest a significant amount of time, practice, research, trial and error, and money for equipment. 

Most entrepreneurs do not have time to learn one specialized skill. Let alone head that up for years to come as you grow your business. For this reason, business-wise, it makes the savvy sense to outsource product photography. 

At the least, it takes two years to become a pro-level photographer. Squeezing this learning curve in between the demands of running a beauty business isn’t feasible for most. 

Instead, you can use that time more effectively to grow your beauty lines and take your homemade beauty products successfully to market. 

Give Your Beauty Product Line the Face It Deserves

We are pretty sure that you have put a lot into your beauty line. Don’t shortchange your brand where it matters most. 

If you are selling homemade beauty products online, the product imagery is going to be a huge player in the success of your lines. 

Have we convinced you that professional product photography is the way to go? (Ask any brand—it is!

If so, we would be thrilled to work on your products with you. 

With locations in London, LA, New York, DC, and Fort Lauderdale, we are up for any challenge and are addicted to making our clients’ marketing campaigns a stunning success. 

Take a look at our portfolio or contact us for further information. 

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