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Uncreative Shop Amy Fixing Merchandise Wall CIS 7

The Shop @ C&I Grand Opening

Something incredible seems to be taking over the pliable, yet beautifully stubborn minds of Millennials. It’s as if we all woke up one day and realized we had much more to do than settle into our nine-to-fives and pray that someone will actually want to marry us — eventually.
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Roarin 20s Portraits Woman posing in white dress with black gloves in front of a vintage house with lion statues

Roarin’ 20s Portraits

For New Year's Eve 2016 we hosted a soiree fit for Jay Gatsby and his cohort. We themed the party after the Roarin' 20s complete with food, cocktails ranging from Old Fashions to Mint Juleps, a live Jazz band, and our Ole Photo Booth to make sure and keep the memories last on film.
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