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IU C&I Studios Post Young woman with long blond hair wearing a white dress shirt and light dress skirt posing from RV at sunrise.

Slow-Mo Sunday: Malibu, CA

This is a short clip part of a an initiative we took to film more. The best way to get better at anything is to practice. Since we're always influenced and inspired by what most might pass of as mundane, we figured we could highlight parts of South Florida's day-to-day in a mini-series we're calling Slow-Mo Sundays.
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IU C&I Studios Page CI Studios Uncreative Dailies Urban Athletics NYC An early in the day city setting with a male athlete posing for the camera with a lighting director nearby.

Dailies: Urban Athletics NYC

The nature of our work leaves us with hours and hours of material that never gets to see the light of day. In that same vein, it allows us the pleasure of making the likes of Eckhart Tolle proud and allows us the hyperawareness of living in the moment.
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IU C&I Studios Page and Post View of a silver colored RV with a temporary patio overlooking a valley.

The Shop @ C&I Grand Opening

Something incredible seems to be taking over the pliable, yet beautifully stubborn minds of Millennials. It’s as if we all woke up one day and realized we had much more to do than settle into our nine-to-fives and pray that someone will actually want to marry us — eventually.
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IU C&I Studios Page and Post Two guitarists and drummer performing in front of crowd at the Love Music Festival 

For the Love Music Festival

For the Love is a true example of what happens when you manifest the hell out of your visions and dreams. C&I Studios and ExposedPR came together for a project that encompassed the love they cultivate for their community in a way that allowed everyone interested the ability to participate.
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IU C&I Studios Page and Post Roarin 20s Portraits Woman posing in white dress with black gloves in front of a vintage house with lion statues

Roarin’ 20s Portraits

For New Year's Eve 2016 we hosted a soiree fit for Jay Gatsby and his cohort. We themed the party after the Roarin' 20s complete with food, cocktails ranging from Old Fashions to Mint Juleps, a live Jazz band, and our Ole Photo Booth to make sure and keep the memories last on film.
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IU C&I Studios Page and Post Dailies Alyssee sitting in the sand posing for camera in a bikini on the beach

Dailies: Alyssee

We captured this Daily with our good friend Alyssee during the Malibu shoot we put together for the Reach Kini. The Reach Kini is a collaborative effort between our non-profit organization C&I Reach and Montce Swim.
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