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Whether you need illustrations to promote your business or need a visual take on how your video production can look, C&I Studios can bring your marketing needs to life. Illustrations for advertising work to grab your audience’s attention, shows them, at a glance, how your company works and what you’re selling; it reels them in to look further into your company and learn more. Visual information such as illustrations allow more communication with customers, particularly those who may not speak the same language as you or your company. The more people you can successfully communicate the purpose of your company, the more business you will do!

Advertising and Editorial Illustrations

Advertising and editorial illustrations can really make your marketing campaigns pop! They can add a source of color and whimsy to anything, from social media posts to websites and even to printed marketing like business cards and flyers. Whether you want a painterly depiction of your most popular products for a menu or an icon that briefly introduces what services your business offers on your website, C&I Studios can bring your illustrative visions to fruition.

Art Jumper

Illustrations for Storyboards

Storyboards allow you to plan out your production more thoroughly. Here at C&I Studios, we create the storyboards for your project as part of our video production process to provide a visual aid along with the script to really show you how the final product can turn out. It’s an important part of the video production process. Seeing storyboards laid out allows everyone to be able to experience the flow of the video, easily make changes to the script, setting, or anything else that may need to be fixed before filming begins, allowing time and money to be saved in the long run.


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