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C&I Studios Blog 19 Questions to Ask the Studio You Are Booking for Your Next Production 1

19 Questions to Ask the Studio You Are Booking for Your Next Production

You've got the idea, the script, the plan, and basically everything else ready to go, but now you're in need of a space to film. How do you find the right studio? First, what kind of production requires a studio? You can learn more about what different types of productions are best shot within a studio here and why you want to make sure you're booking the right studio for them.
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C&I Studios Blog 5 Photoshop tricks to make your picture pop

5 Photoshop Tricks to Make Your Picture Pop

Adobe Photoshop is a well-known tool for anyone who wants to make their pictures look amazing. Whether you're taking product photos for your eCommerce store, taking headshots for your company's website, or creating content for your social media profiles; knowing how to edit your photos is key to making sure your brand comes across professional and polished.
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C&I Studios Blog CI Drone Shots vs FPV Our Opinion

Drone Shots vs FPV, Our Opinion

When you're trying to get the right footage for your film production, you want to consider the different options you have available. Drone shots and FPV can both give you great footage for your video, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It can be difficult to choose between the two, especially if you don't yet know the differences between them.
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C&I Studios Blog Everything you need to know to be a video editing wizard

Everything you need to know to be a video editing wizard

There is a lot that goes into video editing and I am going to do my best to touch on everything from the very basics; like what programs you need to start, all the way up to more advanced topics like color correction. While this article will be very long it will not be as comprehensive as I would like. In order to make it easier to understand and follow I will be dividing up video editing into simple categories.
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C&I Studios Blog How to Find Ample Studio Space for Filming and Setup

How to Find Ample Studio Space for Filming and Setup

If you're in the midst of planning your next film production, be it large or small, you're probably trying to figure out where to film. You've considered all of your options and you're ready to rent a space. Depending on what kind of video you're creating, whether it’s a television program, a commercial, or music video, a studio will probably be your best bet. But not all studios are created equal.
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C&I Studios Blog A couple sitting at a table and enjoying drink talking on a restaurant patio in the city at night.

How To Pick The Right Music For Your Videos

Music is one of the most basic ingredients in video production. If used right, music is the most powerful tool to deliver your message effectively. Choosing the right music for a video is not rocket science, but it holds the key to making or breaking the video. Music has the potential to become a cultural phenomenon. Just think about the importance of Game of Thrones’s music in its iconic success.
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C&I Studios Blog Fund Black Tech 4K 1.9.1Tunde CIS

7 Reasons Black Tech is on the rise

Most people wonder if the growth of technology has peaked or if there is still more to come. The tech industry is clearly in for a seismic shift, with demand for tech-related goods and services potentially tripling over the next decade. This alone has aided blacks' entry into the market, resulting in a cultural shift and a shift in how technology, in general, is viewed.
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CI Gear Arri Alexa Mini LF CIS 21

Best Routes to find an Arri Camera Crew

Are you planning your next video production? Maybe you're getting ready to shoot your next brand film, or are you planning to create a hybrid documentary to show off your company's impact on the world? You’ll need to have similar equipment setups in order to capture the footage that you need to create what you've envisioned.
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C&I Studios Blog How Brands Can Join the Metaverse

How Brands Can Join the Metaverse

As brands increasingly look for ways to stand out in a crowded online landscape, many are turning to the Metaverse as a way to connect with new consumers in a more immersive and interactive way.Before you decide to join it, you should probably need to know what the Metaverse is and how it can benefit your brand. Let's take a look!
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C&I Studios Blog How to Pick the Right Animation Style for Your Business

How to Pick the Right Animation Style for Your Business

Animation is a powerful tool that can help businesses achieve their marketing and advertising goals. It's one of those marketing tools that are certainly not one-size-fits-all, but can be easily tailored to fit your business, industry, and overall brand. With animation, you can do pretty much anything with your video marketing. With so many different animation styles to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your business?
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Female model with long, blond hair and white sleeveless shirt posing on a backwards chair facing camera.

Type of Productions That Require A Studio

Making sure you have the correct location to film, record, or photograph your upcoming productions is crucial to the process of creating any kind of media content. You need to make sure that wherever you're working is well-equipped, functional, and will help contribute to the overall aesthetic of your finished product. So, what kind of productions require a studio?
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C&I Studios Blog How to Start a Video Marketing Campaign

How to Start a Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach and engage customers in today's social media dominated world. Not only is video marketing effective, but it's also one of the most affordable types of marketing. In this article you'll learn how to start a video marketing campaign from scratch and when it's needed to hire help.
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C&I Studios Blog

The Complete Guide to 3D Product Animation

Are you trying to come up with a new way to feature your products? Product animation may be the answer! 3D product animation is an engaging and effective way to show off your product and explain its features. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating a 3D product animation and explain why it's important for video marketing.
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C&I Studios Blog

How to Repurpose your Video Content

Creating video content can be time-consuming and tedious. You've spent days shooting video footage for different productions, you've spent the money on hiring talent and renting the location of the set. It's a lot of work. But did you know that you can easily repurpose old footage from your previous productions into new marketing content?
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