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Artist Profile STS9

Artist Profile | STS9

STS9's live-electronica jam culture is a frenzy of psychedelic funk and unbridled improvisation that seems to levitate the listener into a state of bliss. Their ability to create multi-dimensional sonic soundscapes imbued with deep layers of moody rifts...
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Artist Profile | Yaeji

Yaeji, né Kathy Yaeji Lee, is a Korean-American artist born in New York then later raised in two very different cultures: Atlanta, Georgia and South Korea. There is a certain charm to Yaeji that you don't come across often in the house music scene...
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D&I Dailies Episode 009

Dailies 0009

We love being in complete control of our work. Honestly, who doesn’t? But… full creative control isn’t a common luxury at most creative agencies. A lot have to outsource certain pieces of content or media that cannot be created in…

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Artist Profile -- Crooked Colours

Artist Profile | Crooked Colours

In 2017, Crooked Colours—the musical brainchild of Philip Slabber, Leon de Baughn, and Liam Merrett-Park of Perth Australia—released their debut album Vera. To us, it is a musical escape worth being cherished. Perhaps even listened to on repeat [which we have already been doing].
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Next Door Is The Best Bar In Fort Lauderdale For Live Music

The Bar, Next Door

Have you been to BREW Urban Cafe? Awesome spot, right! If you’ve been there then you know why the locals call it “The Hidden Gem Of Fort Lauderdale.” Something you may not know is that BREW Urban Cafe is actually…

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