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How to Pick the Right Video Production Company for Your Business

Video marketing is sure to make up the lion’s share of marketing and customer engagement moving forward. We can safely say that the future is now since, according to Oberlo, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from the brands they support. 


Simply put, video production is a visually engaging way of presenting your business. It makes it easy for your customer to understand your services, methodologies, and much more, as well as articulate the message that you want to convey in a simple manner. 

To cater to this tall order, you need a video production company that understands your vision and is able to sketch it out in the form of an enticing video that fits your industry, as well as your target audience. 

In this article, we will help you pick the right video production company that will bolster your marketing efforts and campaigns. 

What Does a Video Production Company Do? 

A video production company creates videos that focus on an array of elements of a business. These videos can be about the company overview, part of a marketing promotion, social media, or important announcements, to name a few.  

Video production companies go beyond the concept of simply recording and uploading a video – they sketch a complete strategy. 

An experienced video production company helps you:

  • Create a production plan
  • Chart the direction for the video that is in tandem with your business’s message and mission.
  • Deliver a clear understanding of your product/service via videos.
  • Ensure that your video hits the sweet spot of informative and educational. 
  • Create a story for your customer to follow-through. 
  • Promote the video efficiently on desired platforms. 

Speaking of promotion, did you know that a video display on social media platforms has the ability to improve brand perception? In fact, as per an IDG report, exposure to a product across social increases the likelihood of a purchase by a whopping 44%. 

How to Choose the Right Video Production Company?

Do you know about the flood of generic videos and ads in the early 2010s? 

Well, you don’t want that same tone, overused words, and presentation to epitomize your company again. 

A smart and experienced video production company knows that and will save your company’s image from burning in the generic fire. 

Here are a few key facts to consider while you are on your quest to find the right video partner for your company.

1- Is Their Portfolio Extensive & Does it Align With Your Concept?

An experienced video production company with a diverse portfolio understands its way around the market. It not only creates a video for you but offers consultation in helping you craft the message; It stays in line with the current trends and keeps it as customer-friendly as possible. Moreover, the video production company you choose should understand your POV and align its creatives with your concept.

2- Get Multiple Quotes 

It is always a good idea to have multiple quotes on hand. While some video production companies may charge higher for low-quality service, other credible companies might work with a lower budget yet have a high-quality bar. Do a little research, contact all the video production companies that catch your eye and request a quote. Weigh the pros and cons of each, and go with the company that you feel can cater to your needs. 

3- Know How the Production Process will be Handled 

Though you cannot possibly know everything about the video-making process, it always helps to be aware of how the production journey will be managed. Here are some questions you can ask your service provider to get the lowdown on how YOUR video will be made. 

  • Are they able to resonate with your idea, and do they need more clarity regarding the business perspective?
  • Do they have experience in creating a variety of videos like explainer videos, social videos, etc.?
  • Do they have a professional scriptwriter on board?
  • What are the types of equipment that they will use for production?
  • If this is not an animated video, will they be taking care of the actors? If not, can they help you out with the right casting company for your video?
  • Will editing be included in the final cut, or is it extra?
  • How long will the process take?

4- Ask Whether they Offer Marketing 

Marketing your video lies at the crux of your campaign and brand management. Ask your video partner if they will help you promote this video on the right platforms with the right strategies.

5- Ask for References

Maybe you have an idea, but you cannot project it on paper. Ask your video production partner if they can provide you with references relevant to your industry or style. This way, you can help your video partner understand what you are looking for and formulate the video that will align with your preferences. 

Pro Tip: While your video partner is creating a stellar video, you should work on SEO optimization. SEO video marketing strategy works like a charm at attracting potential customers. Tools like Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner can help you conduct keyword research that you can implement in your video marketing strategy to boost your growth and visibility. However, do not create click-bait titles as customers hate that. It can also adversely impact the viewing time of your video. 

Understanding the Video Production Process


Now that you know how to choose the right video production company, it’s important to educate yourself about the process. If you think video production is all about pressing the record button on the video camera, you are in for a surprise. 

We can classify the entire video production process into Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production. 

  • Pre-Production: Planning and coordination based on the client brief.
  • Production: Pressing the record button AND then capturing the elements from specific angles and positions required for the video. 
  • Post-Production: Editing the captured elements and weaving them together to create a story. 

So while this was a bird’s eye-view into video production, let us dive deeper and look for the pearls that can help you understand the nitty-gritty of the entire process.

Phase #1: Pre-Production

This is the first step in video production. Producing a great video is all about researching and laying the groundwork that usually goes into what we call a pre-production phase. 

This is the pen-paper phase where all stakeholders brainstorm together for ideas; through research, and problem-solving. These are important elements to cover for streamlining the producing process. 

The pre-production phase includes the following:

  • Charting out video’s goals and strategy.
  • Understanding the scope of the video. 
  • Creating a timeline for the process. 
  • Creating a budget for the project.
  • Creating a script for the video. 
  • Picking out talent for the video. 
  • Listing the tools and equipment required for production. 
  • Location scouting.

During this phase, it is important for the team to brainstorm on the aforementioned elements and work out a process together for the video before diving into the production phase. 

Here are a few common steps to be undertaken by the team during the pre-production phase. 


In this meetup, the business stakeholders and the video production company come together to understand the aim of the video. Since an explainer video is different from a testimonial, it is important to understand the scope of the video. The team will research the subject matter and project it to the target audience. This can be akin to a roadmap where you follow the route and reach the final destination of a complete and perfect video. 

Pre-Production Meeting

The company stakeholder and the production head (along with key contributors) communicate to chart the timeline, budget, and resources involved in the project.  

Preparing for the Shoot

This step involves preparing for the shoot. In this step, the video makers ensure that the site is right for the project (this can also be done while scouting for shooting locations), the equipment is working, the scripts have been reviewed, the actors are well-versed with their characters and everything is projected to follow the decided timeline. 

Phase #2: Production Phase

The planning is done, and all the resources are in place. Now is the time for ACTION! This is the meaty phase where the production company collates all the raw materials for your video, captures relevant footage, and brings the story to life. Here, the producers and video makers execute all the steps that have been planned during the pre-production phase. 

You (the business owner) or the producer might have a eureka moment and can suggest new elements and concepts that might complement the trajectory of your video.  Creativity is always welcomed, but these new changes must be discussed with relevant stakeholders before they can be implemented in the reel.  

In the production phase, the following procedures are undertaken:

  • Light, sound, and video set up. 
  • Acting out the script or conducting interviews –  whatever may be the requirement. 
  • Recording voice-overs
  • Capturing b-roll or the extra footage for the storyline. 

Phase #3 – Post Production

So this is the final phase of your production where the recording and on-site work is finished. Now is the time to fine-tune the footage that was recorded and plan, as well as, edit it to make it into a compelling visual story that aligns with the company’s concept. 

The producer carefully reviews the entire footage and transcribes the interviews if conducted. Once the editor snips and tweaks the actual video, the producer brings the entire video together to create the final piece, which is enhanced with features and ready to be rolled out. 

Steps Following Post Production Phase

Once the actual footage has been transcribed, snipped, and edited, it is time for the stakeholders to view the final outcome and give their feedback & reviews. 

Edits and Revisions

The first draft of the video is complete and ready to view. The key business and production company stakeholders can review the work and, if needed, suggest changes and tweaks that can be implemented. 

This is the revision process, and you can ask your video partner to specify the number of revisions allowed at no extra cost. As a client and the video owner, you need to be careful with your revision process and should note all major & minor points that you feel can be revisited for a better cut. 

Final Delivery 

Once the revision is over and the video has been finalized and approved by you, the production company will convert it into its final format. 

While these experts convert videos into the most compatible formats, there are a few platforms that require a different approach. However, make sure that you communicate your wishes for using a different platform for your video beforehand.

Why is the Video Production Process so Important?

Nike BTS African American man checking laptop next to a cart of video equipment on a basketball court
Film crew working on equipment for a scene. Video production Services
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We see companies making videos and investing heavily in video marketing, where companies facilitate them with an end-to-end video production process. Why is this video production process so important?

A Process Improves Accountability

Having a process in place helps assign ownership pockets that make every stakeholder responsible for the elements involved in the production journey. This makes them accountable for their actions and improves the quality of the process. 

For instance, if a person is responsible for scouting the location, they will note whether the location fits the script, is easily accessible for the shoot, and works for all the members of the shoot. 

Creates a Timeline

Video production is not a ‘said and done’ activity. With so many steps and elements involved, it requires time. Having a process defines an approximate timeline for every part, which helps the team achieve their goal without succumbing to the haphazard monopoly of guesswork. 

For example, a time set for arranging the equipment can help maintain the deadline for the shooting process, which in turn ensures that editors also receive ample time to cut and polish the actual footage. 

Fewer Revisions and Fewer Back & Forth

The process for producing a video will be drawn out, which means that the business owner needs to be in the loop. Since you are now aware of the objective of the video, see if it matches your concept. This way, there are likely to be less revisions at the end of the process. 

Not following a process can result in a confused state peppered with heated discussions, incessant revisions, and missed deadlines – not to mention a mountain of frustration.  

A Clear-Cut Pricing

Generally speaking, production rates are hourly based. Having a process helps determine the number of hours that will be required for the project. However, keep in mind that some video production companies may give you the option of set-rate packages. 


Every video production companies workflow and process are slightly different. However, these are the basic points that you can keep in mind while scouting for a video production provider. This will help ensure that the final result is effective and cost-efficient.

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