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Art of a man on the side of the road adjusting a guardrail by a orange vintage car

Artist Profile STS9

[It's All About The Music] STS9's live-electronica jam culture is a frenzy of psychedelic funk and unbridled improvisation that seems to levitate the listener into a state of bliss. Their ability to create multi-dimensional sonic soundscapes imbued with deep layers of moody rifts...
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Black and white of a woman with long hair looking down posing for camera

Artist Profile Yaeji

[At III Points Music Festival in Miami] Yaeji, né Kathy Yaeji Lee, is a Korean-American artist born in New York then later raised in two very different cultures: Atlanta, Georgia, and South Korea. There is a certain charm to Yaeji that you don't come across often in the house music scene...
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Artist Profile Crooked Colors

Artist Profile | Crooked Colours

[It's All In The Music] In 2017, Crooked Colours—the musical brainchild of Philip Slabber, Leon de Baughn, and Liam Merrett-Park of Perth Australia—released their debut album Vera. To us, it is a musical escape worth being cherished. Perhaps even listened to on repeat [which we have already been doing].
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Two guitarists and drummer performing in front of crowd at the Love Music Festival 

For the Love Music Festival

For the Love is a true example of what happens when you manifest the hell out of your visions and dreams. C&I Studios and ExposedPR came together for a project that encompassed the love they cultivate for their community in a way that allowed everyone interested the ability to participate.
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Woman performing with a guitar at a concert at night in front of a crowd.

Summer Soundtrack 2014 Announcement Teasers

Summer Soundtrack was a pop-up concert event we designed as a fun thing for Fort Lauderdalians to do. People think that Fort Lauderdale’s music scene is popping, but in reality, there really aren’t that many events where local artists can perform other than at late-night bar sets.
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