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Stantec International Live Streaming Event

How we used video and audio live streaming to connect Stantec personnel from around the globe.

Stantec is an international consulting authority that works across various disciplines, ranging from planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management and project economics for infrastructure and facility projects. Their consulting work enables smart growth in communities worldwide and inspires their clients to think about the individual in anything they design and develop.


The video live stream event that we filmed and broadcasted for Stantec was used to connect team members residing in New York and London, as well as online. This interactive live streaming event allowed leadership to share newly published data and research findings pertaining to their profession, so each office could continue to guide their clients with modern insights.


The ability to connect all major Stantec employees via live video conference greatly enhanced their team’s ability to be involved in real-time decision making. With our live audio services included, Stantec was given the freedom to communicate with flawless quality, ultimately, elevating this engagement from a conference to an insightful conversation that produced real results. Furthermore, this significantly reduced the costs associated with bringing a global team together under one roof.

Stantec’s World Cities Day Technical Workshop was the largest video and audio live streaming gathering for their company to date.

The success of this event marked a turning point in the way their company will communicate moving forward.

Now that they have the option to bring their team together flawlessly and with little to no disruption to daily productivity, they can increase the frequency of these company-wide gatherings. This is a great asset to their business as they will be better equipped to share insights once they become available, as well as keep their team focused on a common goal: improving the quality of life for communities around the globe.

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