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We started working with the Florida Panthers at a time when their reputation in the NHL was lacking. Game attendance was down. In fact, it was almost non-existent. According to game statistics, the Panthers’ 2014–2015 home opener set a team record for the lowest attendance at a home opener, with only 11,419 spectators in attendance. The team’s next game against the Ottawa Senators marked the team’s lowest attendance ever, with only 7,311 in attendance (and they were most likely Canadians!). This is what we were walking into and one of the main obstacles we face.


We got started working with Panthers in 2014 to help improve the franchise’s reputation locally as a means of increasing game attendance. We got started recreating Club Levels in the BB&T Center, which you will see below, as well, as creating food and beverage packaging for new product releases. As we contributed to the Florida Panthers’ marketing, the team started to win big time. We believe it was their winning streak combined with our constant marketing and advertising that helped increase game attendance and fan loyalty. Here is a look at all of the work we did for the Florida Panthers and how we helped involve the South Florida community.

This case study flows backward from the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs to the redesign of the TruMoxy Entertainment Lounge in 2014. Here we go! 

"South Florida is Panthers' Territory!"

Our collaboration with the Florida Panthers came at a time when their popularity was at a low point. But in the time we worked with them, revamping their brand image and outfitting their arena with bold new graphics, we saw their popularity skyrocket. Game attendance was higher than ever. Their fanbase was loyal and ever-present. And best of all, the Panthers were dominating the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs with a team that was loved locally and internationally!


Given our proven track record with the Panthers over the past two years, they asked us to lead their marketing efforts during the playoffs. Our main objectives were to spread the already heightened popularity of the team to extend their fanbase, and to help increase ticket sales for the 2016 playoff games and the seasons to follow. Our Graphic Design department again fulfilled the bulk of these marketing and advertising initiatives because of their ability to simplify complicated messaging with advanced design principles, strengthen sales language through colors and typography, and maintain a consistent and captivating brand image. Among the various tasks we spearheaded were developing ads for magazines, television, and online, promoting the BB&T Center’s amenities and decorating the arena with banners, informing on extracurricular Panthers events, engaging the die-hards via infographics and player updates, and creating food and beverage packaging for concession stands.


Our 2016 mission was straightforward: make the Florida Panthers’ name as recognizable as the Miami Heat, Florida Dolphins, and Florida Marlins.

Join Us Panthers Ad

We tracked the progress of the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs game-by-game, delivering updates to our fanbase and advertising ticket sales to hockey fans in the cities where the Florida Panthers traveled. 


As the playoffs progressed, we had to find ways to keep our content fresh and relevant. A major concern was limiting consumer fatigue, which can arise from increased ad frequency reaching the same demographics. To prevent this, we made many ads in GIF format, changing the imagery and language to appeal to users navigating various advertising landscapes.


In addition to advertising ticket sales and monitoring the progress of the tournament, our team designed massive banners to celebrate the athletes making this year’s season so exciting! These were draped on the BB&T Center and served to keep the local audience engaged in the events that were unfolding.

Keyword: The Florida Panthers. Ekblad Generic Playoff Player Ad
Keyword: The Florida Panthers .2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs Jagr Luongo

Panthers Pride runs the show!

This was perhaps one of the most fun aspects of our collaborations with the Florida Panthers in the 2 years we worked together. Highlighting player statistics and team milestones during the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs had Panther’s Pride surging throughout the studio. We all became die-hard hockey fans in the process of creating these infographics and stat sheets… just another reward for a job well done. These media assets were used primarily to build a loyal following but also became extremely useful in converting prospective consumers into ticket sales. By sharing these milestones and hall-of-fame status statistics, we showed local sports fans that there was plenty of reason to follow the Florida Panthers and even more reason to come to the games. These infographics served many purposes for the overall marketing campaign. They were featured on social media, modified into banners to be displayed at the arena and on the jumbotrons, and were converted into ads to increase ticket sales and merchandise sales.

Congrats Florida Panthers All Stars Ad
Five Game Win Streak Infographic
Eight Game Win Streak Infographic
Ten Game Streak Infographic with view of hockey rink
Roberto Luongo sixth all time games played in NHL History Infographic
Roberto Luongo 900th Game Infographic
Roberto Luongo sixth all time wins infographic
Jagr 3rd All Time NHL Points Infographic
Jagr Promo Infographic
Jagr Third in Goals Infographic
Brian Campbell Game Infographic
Mitchell 900th Game Infographic

Our early success with the TruMoxy entertainment lounge proposal earned us another contract: the design of the Florida Panthers Marco Bar and West Coast Energy Drink.


This was an exciting opportunity to provide their organization with such a valued piece of graphic design. But the pressure was on. With little artistic direction to go off of and an outdated logo to boot, we had to create timeless packaging that would appeal to athletes and fans alike. To achieve this, we had to merge two brands into something that looked cohesive and still emanated with Panthers’ energy.


For the Macro Bar, we hand drew illustrations that embodied elements of Florida and hockey, which ultimately defined the look and feel of the Macro Bar and informed the design elements of the West Coast Energy Drink. It was on this assignment that we created a new logo variation for the Florida Panthers that was so beloved it was adapted into a shirt and handed out to fans their games.


Our success in designing the Marco Bar and West Coast Energy Drink earned us yet another design contract… the redesign of their concession stand cups, which would be sold during games and as souvenirs! But that’s not all. This was the catalyst for something far bigger…

Go Macro Macrobar package label
Pure Energy Sixteen Non Chill Energy Drink packaging label
Arena Cup BB&T Center Ad
Trumoxy Linear Logo

Our collaboration with the Florida Panthers came at a time when their popularity was at a low point. Game attendance was down. Really down. In fact, they ranked as one of the least-watched teams in the NHL. Something had to change.


The first phase in bringing immediate excitement to the franchise was to physically refurbish outdated club levels in the BB&T Center to give locals more incentive to buy tickets. We were tasked to submit a proposal for the redesign of the TruMoxy Gaming Center. Little did we know that our track record with the Panthers was about to get even more exciting.


The TruMoxy Entertainment and Gaming Center

The TruMoxy lounge was dated and did not properly focus crowds. The Panthers wanted to improve the function of the space while adding new entertainment elements. Our team got to work reimagining the space to create the BB&T Center’s next hottest hangout.


We revised the layout entirely, changing the boring rows of tables into an interactive lounge space where fans could watch Panthers games on new LED Flatscreens while drinking at the bar, play video games on built-in gaming systems, and listen to live music before the Panthers take to the ice. The vision would turn the Florida Panthers TruMoxy Gaming Center into the featured entertainment location for every Florida Panthers fan.


The final result of the TruMoxy Entertainment and Gaming Center would be an added revenue stream for the BB&T Center complete with new opportunities for advertising concerts and events outside of Panthers Hockey.

Trumoxy Sketch One
Trumoxy Sketch Four
Trumoxy Sketch Three
Trumoxy Sketch Two
Trumoxy Graphic Layouts
Flag being held by fans in a crowd
Mood Board images
Aerial view of a hockey rink with BB&T Logo
Aerial view of a hockey rink with logo
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