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Uncreative Radio with Tiffany Lanier

"Everybody's Racist"

Episode 2 Airs Thursday, February 13th, 2020, at 6:00 PM ET

Joshua Miller is on-air with Keynote Speaker Tiffany Lanier in Episode 2 of Uncreative Radio!

Where do you stand on racism? Where do you stand on politics?

If you have an opinion on one, you must have an opinion on both. Why?  Because our political and social climate has blended racism with politics. It’s divisive. And that is the strategy.

Argue against this train of thought all you want but there is no denying the backlash of Obama’s presidency. Just look at who we’ve had to put up with since 2016. He didn’t get there by accident. You can wish him out office all you want. But what good will that do anyway? You have to act to create change. But you’re comfortable and the next episode of The Outsider is airing on Sunday, so we get it.

Just now that as you’re sitting there comfortably the people who showed up to support Donald Trump are turning out again in 2020. They’re blending racism with politics and they’re wielding it against us.

Where did all of this hatred and division begin anyhow?

Things were looking good for a time. We had the first black president of the United States who led our country for two consecutive terms. We were looking good. We were feeling united. So, where did we take a wrong turn?

This begs the question of activism… how can it produce the opposite results; how can it give the bigots a taller platform to shout from. We’re talking about Trayvon Martin and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Did it flush out the bigots? Were they pulling a war carriage carrying an orange-faced mongrel in the wake of their stupidity?

If you have questions, we have answers. If you want to know what the heck is going on, then tune in on Thursday, February 13th for Uncreative Radio with Tiffany Lanier. 

We’re backtracking a decade to where her activism began to pinpoint the wrong turns we have made as a society and to measure up Facebook’s role in the age of disinformation.

This is Season 2 of Uncreative Radio and things are getting real.

A little bit about Tiffany Lanier

Tiffany Lanier is a Keynote and Motivation Speaker. She has a long history as an activist, fighting for political freedom while arguing the efficacy of your voting power. She has swayed between right and wrong and corrected herself. She sets her pride aside to embrace hard truths and inspire others to do the same.

You can check out Tiffany Lanier on Instagram, listen to her podcast A Modern Visionary, or hire her as your next Keynote Speaker.

Whatever you do, “Live Purposefully and Lead Consciously.”


Uncreative Radio Season 2 airs every Thursday at 6 PM ET. This is your source for unscripted, uncensored truths. So, ditch the fake news and the social media crap. Tune-in and gain some perspective.


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