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Uncreative Radio with Alberto Padron

"This is America."

Episode 21 Airs Thursday, November 14th, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET


We’re on Uncreative Radio with Alberto Padron, CEO of Stinghouse, to discuss how education and confidence create paths toward success. And how those who follow these paths decide the future of our country.

Alberto Padron has a rich educational background and continues to work with college campuses across the U.S., so we invited him to our studio to educate us on America’s emerging generation of young professionals. As a military man and college graduate, Alberto has a deep appreciation for education and its many forms. His lifetime of schooling and his success in the advertising and marketing sector solidified one truth: that one’s education shapes their ambition.

Alberto explains that education does not only apply to highschool and college graduates. He says that all schooling begins on the homefront and escalates from there. And he is correct. It leads young people to pursue certain passions and avoid others. In the end, he says, all people must take their schooling into their own hands. Expanding one’s mindset and skillset eventually becomes a private affair. We either seek to learn more and broaden our understanding of things, or we remain content and naive. Ultimately, this is what separates the successes of some people from the failures of others.

Given his educational background, his current position as CEO of Stinghouse, and his status as a leader, we asked him to elaborate on this thought and to shed light on a few curiosities…

  1. How do college life and higher education impact young professionals?
  2. Is there a clear market reward for those who can balance soft skills, hard skills, and interpersonal skills?
  3. As an employer, what are a few characteristics you look at when hiring a new employee?
  4. How can young people standout as worth candidates for hire?

Alberto’s insights answer a fifth question: Who is America?

Our country has endured curious ebbs and flows as of late, and the strangeness is not yet over. Since Alberto is regularly engaged with the upcoming league of young professionals, activist leaders, and (doomed-to-be) slackers we knew he would be able to give us a proper answer on what is to come and what type of person is to lead.

If you’re curious about how you can land a good job, Alberto Padron is sharing great advice. If you’re questioning your schooling, Alberto will explain the importance of staying engaged. And if you’re curious about whether you should vote for Kanye West in 2024, Alberto will tell you why that is a catastrophic idea!

Tune in on Thursday, November 14th at 6 P for Uncreative Radio with Alberto Padron to find out what is making Americans tick and how you can set yourself up for early success in the career of your choosing.

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