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Uncreative Radio with Aniela McGuinness

"Fuck Your Happy Ending"

Uncreative Radio Episode 5
On-Air Thursday, March 5th, 2020, at 6:00 PM ET

Fuck your happy ending. They're just as fake as the American Dream.

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Aniela McGuinness!

Aniela McGuinness is a successful actor turned writer and she’s here to tell us why your “happy endings” are crap.

Aniela McGuinness started her career in show business at C&I Studios. Before moving in front of the camera she was a guru behind the scenes. In fact, after many successful years in Hollywood, her career has come full circle. She is currently behind the scenes on Broadway, taking her hard-earned skills to all new heights. You can keep up with Aniela and learn more about her exciting career by following @anielamcg on Instagram.

On this episode of Uncreative Radio with Aniela McGuinness, Josh Miller and Aniela are reconnecting…for the first time since she quit!

Both Josh and Aniela share a passion for film. But not the same passion that you or I would share. Theirs is grounded in many tireless nights, constant travel, annoyances, difficult people, and… a thought-provoking final product. Whereas, ours is likely grounded on the couch in front of an HBO originals series.

There is this notion that “life imitates arts” — that an event in the real world is an expression of creative work. Perhaps the phrase is referring to every other type of art except for American media, because in the American film industry most every story has a happy ending, but in real life that is most certainly not the case.

We are not bound to the happy ending syndrome. We like telling real stories about real people. Take our most recent short film, for instance. Christmas Eve has a rich ending but it is most certainly not a happy ending. It’s real, it’s truthful, and it’s the right ending for the story we were telling.

Aniela McGuinness is also skeptical of happy endings. What are they leaving out? We suppose, that if you took someone’s entire life and removed all of the hardships, shameful moments, anxieties and so one, you may have a beautiful story with a happy ending. But that’s just a snapshot of an entire life. It’s a fallacy. Is it even worth telling a story the omits the true human condition?

Perhaps this is why Aniela McGuinness left film behind for Broadway… In this episode of Uncreative Radio, we’re digging deep into storytelling and the people who create the fables of our time. Why do the people who write a lot about happy endings rarely experience them for themselves? Why do we cling to happiness when the reality of it rarely exists? And why, oh why do people think acting is a glamourous profession?

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Tune in on Thursday, March 5 at 6 PM ET for Uncreative Radio with Aniela McGuinness to find out what the hell is going on Hollywood.


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